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Our program is using SNDDST command to send the mail. It is sending the mail but taking long time. It is reaching the mail box One hour after executing command. Could any one guide us how this command works and where we need to look for fixing the response time. The system is V5R3M0.     


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Try the following, it may tell you where the job is getting hung up.

End the SMTP server

TRCTCPAPP APP(*SMTPCLT) SET(*ON) – prompt and hit enter

strart the SMTP server

send an e-mail using the snddst command

wait a minute or so and do a

trctcpapp app(*SMTPCLT) SET(*OFF) TITLE(‘SETTINGS AS of this trace’)

when this is done you should have 3 spool files, the last one will
contain the conversation that happened between your mail server / external
servers, etc.

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  • TomLiotta
    Be aware that the SMTP server might not be related to the problem, though it most likely is. The first step should be not to use SNDDST for SMTP e-mail when testing or debugging SMTP problems, but rather use a SMTP client application. If the delay still happens when using a SMTP client, then you have isolated it to the SMTP portion of the transaction. If the delay disappears, you can be more confident that the problem doesn't involve SMTP -- it's on the SNADS side. But because it's likely that this is a SMTP problem, also be aware that waiting "a minute or so" might not be sufficient. It might take "a minute or so" before SNADS even routes the message to SMTP. And since this might be a problem with an open relay, be aware that a trace lasting "a minute or so" might result in a very large trace table. Don't be surprised of the report is hundreds of pages long. General questions you should be able to answer -- What are your SMTP 1st- and 2nd-level Outbound Mail Retries settings -- how many and what intervals for both? What are your SMTP Relay Restrictions settings? What are your SMTP Connection Restrictions settings? Are you using SMTP ETRN? (Probably not, but the SMTP Scheduler might need to be checked if you are.) Do you have any SMTP Filters set? Tom
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