SNA Sense data 087D 0001

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Host VTAM allocate to ILU workstations fails with SNA sense data 087D 0001 . Connection is Chanel to 3174 controller, and TR from controller to os/2 workstation. PCOMM os/2 access feature settings are defined correctly (like configurations at other sites work) VTAM deffinitions for PU are also correct. I have reviewed the SNA formats manual, and in a non 3174 controller and TR tunneled under Ethernet I would suspect source route bridging... but this is a true TR envirionment. VTAM tracing revealed this sense code. What other deffinitions might I have missed? Cross domain, comes to mind, but what else?

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Hi key2pride.

if you send me your VTAM definitions i might be able to help.
Here is the explanation on “087d 0001”, maby it’l help..:

Session services path error: A session-services request
cannot be rerouted along a path of SSCP-SSCP sessions.
This capability is required, for example, to set up a
cross-network LU-LU session.
Bytes 2 and 3 contain sense-code-specific information
that indicates the specific reason for not rerouting the

An SSCP has attempted unsuccessfully to reroute
a session services request to its destination
via one or more adjacent SSCPs; this value is
sent by a gateway SSCP or a nongateway SSCP
when it has exhausted trial-and-error exhausted.
VTAM Hint: Possible causes of this error
include, but are not limited to, the following:
o VTAM knows which node owns the LU but is
not able to route a directed search to that
node to verify the availability of the LU.
If messages IST894I and IST895I are issued
and indicate that one of the adjacent SSCPs
was ISTAPNCP with a failure sense of
087F0001, this is probably the reason for
the error.
Verify that a valid search path exists.
This can be CP-CP sessions and/or a subarea
path. One possible cause of the problem is
the absence of a CP-CP session between two
nodes that share an active CP-CP capable
link. If this is the case, take one of the
following actions:
– Reactivate the CP-CP session.
– Deactivate the link and reactivate it
as a link that is not CP-CP capable so
that topology and routing services will
know that it is no longer available for
use in directed search routing.
o There is no SSCP-SSCP session.
o The half-session control block (HSCB) count
is too low in the NCP to handle the number
of sessions. A possible solution to this
problem is to code a larger value on the
ADDSESS keyword of the BUILD definition
statement and regen.
o Both sides are using the same SSCP name.

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