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We got these new Cingular 8525 phones and in trying to enable them to send and receive email on our Exchange 2000 Server he opened the relay now the Queue's are filling faster then he can empty them. The open relay is turned off now, but the Spam is still filling the queues. Many are form a .tw domain, Taiwan and another is Hinet, a China domain. Yahoo fills so fast it will not send for hours. Mail is going out to others but soon the entire server is effected because there are 300K messages waiting to be delivered. How do we stop the influx of Spam? Right now for Spam we use SpamBayes at the desktop Outlook XP client. Suggestions would be appreciated, Thank you, ~Greg

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I work with Lotus Notes servers and there i use DNSBL, and private Black list domains plus symantec mail security for domino.
I am sure that these features are available to all the major mail servers.. try to put in some DNSBL servers addresses in your Exchange server’s configuration… you can define rules to reject mails from any domain ending up with or whatever is bothering u (that is if you don’t have clients on that side of the world), Use some good antispam software on your Exchagne server to drop the spam.
I hope it will give you some guide line to fight against spam.

And remember Google is Man’s best friend after Dog. 🙂


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  • Bobkberg
    I know of a number of places that successfully use "Gray-Listing". The basis for gray-listing is that legitimate (most anyway) email will be resent on delivery failure, whereas most spam is a one time "spray" technique. Once a domain is known to resend email, then most further email goes through without further delay. Bob
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  • TedRizzi
    What you need to do know is set up an appliance or server in front of your mailserver,that will act as a mailrelay server to your mailserver, this appliance or server needs to filter your email. There are a number of solutions for this. TrendMicro has an appliance, Barracuda networks has an appliance to name just a few, there are many. We use CA's Secure Content manager which runs on a windows server. our SCM server catches the spam before it reaches our mail server and either quarantines it or deletes it. depending on if the recipient is set up for self managed spam or not. it also does virus scanning of income mail as well and cures or deletes the infected email. The mail that is considered not spam and is virus free is then relayed to the our exchange server and delivered to the recipient. This offloads the resource intensive Scanning of large volumns of emails to a dedicated server/appliance freeing up your mailserver to do it what is is supposed to do send and recieve email.
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  • Icestormz
    Have you thought of purchasing an e-mail application that will work with your devices, like GoodLink or BlackBerry? You could upgrade to 2003 and use Mobile Device features as well.
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  • Buddyfarr
    a product that we just purchased is an email appliance that sits in front of your email server called IronMail by Secure Computing. this appliance would control all incoming and outgoing email by your settings. it has I think 7 different filters it uses to check incoming email for spam/adult content. it can even read attachments going out for hipaa and sox compliance if needed. it can put those emails into quarantine to be reviewed and released or deleted. it saves a ton of time by filtering out the spam. it is a great product. a little pricey though. check it out, it is worth a look.
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  • Christine Herbert
    Here are a couple of tips that have a lot of good information that should help you address your immediate problem. For full disclosure, let me tell you up front that these are tips from, a website whose editorial content I am responsible for. Despite the appearance of self-serving site promotion, I believe these two resources will help you solve your immediate least I hope they will, since it sounds like you are in a rough spot right now! How to deal with spam email filling up BADMAIL folder on Exchange 2000 server Stay above the SMTP queue floods For longer-term addressing of the issue, I agree with the others here who recommend you get a solid antispam appliance or server-based antispam application that will help you avoid this type of dire situation in the future. Good luck!
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