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I have Exchange Server 2003. There is only one exchange server on the environment. All my incoming mails are coming via a gateway device. But I don't know how my outgoing mails are going. Is there anyway I can see the IP / address of my outgoing smtp server in exchange? In my connector i'm using "based on DNS". If I want to make my outgoing SMTP address a specific public IP that is assigned by my ISP how can I do that. Thanks

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You will need to talk to whoever manages your edge routing or firewall device to find out if they have mapped a public IP address to your SMTP server. It is possible that by default the server just uses network address translation (NAT) to gain access to the internet and send emails. About the only way to see what IP address your server is using to send is to send yourself a message on GMail, Yahoo or some similar account and look at the message headers. The IP address of the sending server should be in the message header.

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  • Gabe9527
    Check the Exchange System Manager > expand your server then check the settings there. You should see if you are forwading your SMPT through a gateway from there.
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  • Pree
    Thanks for the support. This is the exact issue. As i said earlier our mails are coming via a g/w device x.x.x.10 and our outgoing mails are configured to forward mails using the mail server directly which is x.x.x.12. But when we send mails to some of our clients they are getting bounced back message "< client address>;host[] said: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [x.x.x.10] blocked using; Blocked - see (in reply to RCPT TO command) , where x.x.x.10 is the ip of our gateway device which is only for the inbound mails. But this message seems like saying it is going via x.x.x.10 not using x.x.x.12. But when i check the header as labnuke said i am getting x.x.x.12 which is ip of our mail server and it right but i dont understand why bounce back is specific the ip of our gateway device. Plz support....
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  • Troy Tate
    You need to go to and find out why your email domain is blacklisted. Apparently the receiving organization is subscribing to some type of blacklist and your sending IP or domain is listed there. You can also ask the receiving organization to add you to a whitelist or permit list and that should permit messages to be delivered.
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