Slow XP Pro SP2 machine when shutting down

I have a laptop - HP nx6110 with 1.5GB RAM that takes over 5 minutes to shutdown. Once ths shutdown process has been activated, the machine goes through all the normal steps and then appears to halt for approx 3 - 4 mins with no disk activity before finally shutting down. I have checked the error logs and cannot see anything untowards. This is more of an annoyance that critical issue as the laptop lid can be closed whilst the laptop continues to shutdown. Any ideas would be gratefully received. Clive

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Try to get rid of entries present in your registy.

Backup your registry and then clean up anything that seems to be useless and using your memory resources at startup. You can find it under the following path

HKEY_Current_User and HKEY_Local_Machine –> Software –> Microsoft –> Windows –> Current Version –> Run, Run Once

Also ensure that you have enough space in ur C drive as that is the default location for memory management.

If you dont have space then change your memory swap space to some other drive.

You can do that by modifying the key under…

My Comouter (Rt Click) –> Properties –> Advanced –> Performance –> Advanced Tab –> Virtual Memory Change –> Make C: to no paging file then click on set

Then go to some other drive letter where there is space and set the paging limits to

Min=Your RAM Size eg 512 MB
Max= 1 1/2 time your RAM = 800 MB

I am sure tweaking these things would make your system faster.


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  • Enterprisephil
    Was this a problem right from the beginning or only after you installed some new h/w or s/w ? Check which programs are running in the background. Check in System startup folder or in System tools Startup. Check in Taskmanager and note all applications and services running. Check if Anti-virus s/w is working. Note these down. Then disable one by one so that they only start manually. This is only temporarily. Once you have narrowed your search to either one or two applications causing this slow shut down then you will need to research into the compatibility or their website to see if any issues. If not, then check the h/w. Any extra h/w connected to the system ? Check for removable hdd. USB keys or floppydrives or CD drives. Empty them out one by one. Then if a laptop, is it docked ? Does it happen when it is not docked ? What is the power mode of the laptop ? IF you change that, does it make any difference ? PLEASE note every step taken and the reaction. Otherwise, you will forget what you have done and what actually fixed. This is a painfully nerve racking t'shoot. Not for the fainthearted. Be persistent. I would suspect the Antivirus or any h/w device still attempting to close their services neatly.
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  • Ve3ofa
    I concur with the previos post.. you may also want to reduce the service timeouts and unresponsive program timeouts.. If error reporting is enabled then when a program is terminated it will start dumprep in case an error report will be sent. Systems that use a large amount of the pagefile can also affect the speed of shutdown as the pagefile is shrunk in size. Putting the pagefile on another spindle also helps. (spindle being a different phyical drive than the system folder)
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