Slow internet through linksys and asus routers

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I used to have great connection with my Linksys Router wrt54gc. After more than a year of use, it started acting up. Connection became very slow until it can no longer connect to the internet. So I thought my router was already defective. I bought a new one, Asus WL-520GU. The shop where I bought it from tested both asus and linksys routers and both were working perfectly. So I set the asus router at home but the connection was still very slow, in both desktop (wired) and laptop (wireless). I tried connecting the PC directly to the modem and the internet connection is great. So now, I'm stuck with 2 routers, both are not working properly at my dsl connection. 
Things I have tried: 1. Power cycling
2. Changing MTU values
3. MAC address cloning
4. Chaning ethernet cable
None of which seem to solve my problem. Can anyone help me please.

Software/Hardware used:
linksys wrt54gc, asus wl-520gu, desktop windows xp, laptop windows 7

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my 1st question is are you sharing your wifi? if lets say you shutdown your wifi, can your pc access the internet faster?

because if you connect your pc to the modem straight away and it is fast, means someone is jamming out your network….

if it is really happening, check out from your wireless router to see if there are any other IP’s that is connected to your router.

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  • Ewanko08
    My wifi is enabled but it password protected. I also regularly check the DHCP table and no unknown devices connect to my network. With the Asus router, I have tried disabling Wifi, and still no effect.
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  • Chippy088
    Well, logically, if both routers are checked out as working correctly, then the next thing to check is the PC. If that checks out, then check the socket the routers connect into. What did you mean by connecting directly to the modem. What type of modem is that? Do you mean that the routers are connected to a modem, and you bypassed them and directly connected the pc to another type of gateway, i.e. the modem? Please supply more information to enable a clearer answer.
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  • r3boot
    you said when you hooked up the modem directly to the pc your connection is great?we both know the routers are working fine, its just slow when hooked up...another factoring affecting your connection is your bandwidth speed?do you know how fast your connection from your ISP bec. when the router is present it tends to divide the network bandwidth on your pc and laptop...can you tells us whats your ISP provider?
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  • mitrum
    try to change dns ip as and
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