How to change AS/400 sign-on screen

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AS/400 administration
How can I change my sign on screen on AS/400.

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Do you want to change the screen you log into or the first screen after you log in?

The sign on screen is qdsignon.
Be careful as yhis is everyone’s sign on screen.

You would change your Initial Menu by changing that value on your User Profile.

Bill Poulin

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  • Gilly400
    Hi, This is something you need to be very careful with. You should find a DDS source for a display file called QDSIGNON in the QGPL/QDDSSRC source file. Take a copy of this to your own library, use a different name for the display file source. You can use SDA to edit the display file and customize it to your own preferences. DO NOT use the sort fields option in SDA, this will put all the fields in the order that they appear on the screen, which may not be the order that the system expects them in. ALSO, DO NOT remove any of the (non-constant) fields from the screen - if you don't want something to show, make it non-display. Once you've created your display file, then you'll need to change your subsystem to use it :- CHGSBSD SBSD(QINTER) SGNDSPF(Yourlib/Yoursignon) I think then you'll have to stop and restart the subsystem for your changes to take effect. Make sure that you have another subsystem (e.g. QCTL) active, where you can sign in and change your subsystem back SGNDSPF(QSYS/QDSIGNON) - just in case your change doesn't work correctly in which case you won't be able to sign on. Don't try changing your controlling subsystem (usually QCTL) until you've tested with another subsystem first. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • mcl
    You will need to end and start the subsystem if you change the signon screen. Personally, I would not make any changes to the screen in QCTL. If you want to play with it all without messing up anyone else, create a new subsystem based on QINTER, add a workstation entry to that new subsystem for a specific workstation name (Use ADDWSE) and put your new screen in that subsystem. Start the subsystem and then sign on with a workstation name that matches what you specified for the workstation entry. Regards Mike
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