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Howdy, We were taken over as a company a while ago and have migrated all our mail to our new company domain name. I have left the old Exchange Server 2003 up and running and forwarding all mails on to relevant accounts in new AD but wanted to notify users not to mail this old domain anymore and list the new domain name (usernames are the same) - Ultimately a reply to all mail to the old domain stating the change of address would work but can I do this? All ideas welcome Regards Brian

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Easily done.

Repoint your MX record to the new IP.
Tell you new Exchange server to be authoritative for the inbound email.
Double-check your new domain to ensure that the default email addresses are the new domain.
Add the to the recipient policy.
The dialogue box is going to ask you if you want to apply this to all recipients.
At this point you may want to say “no” because you do not want all users to have an address of
However, if the number of users is large, you are going to want to figure a way to get the addresses onto the folks to whom you want the email to go to.
You can just let everyone get the smtp entry, and you will be OK, but your policy may dictate otherwise.
Leave the old server up for a time until you KNOW the MX record is repointing and that the new server is delivering old mail as desired.
Then UNINSTALL the old Exchange. Don’t just turn it off…uninstall it.

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  • Kleener
    John, Thanks for your reply. This will work and may be the best way forward but I was hoping to take down the domain completely and perhaps let go of the domain lease as they will be no need for it in the future hence wanting to setup a reply asking people to stop mailing the domain. However it may be more hassle then it's worth and your approach might be best. Regards Brian
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  • Jmweber
    Brian, Having done a few of these transitions, it is most likely best for the company to leave the old domain active for about a year. If you have some time left on your domain, like 4-6 months, I would leave it up, but immediately get the powers-that-be to agree on a common message and then have all the users to send an email to ALL of their address book(s) announcing the change. Free publicity for new/improved company - additionally, a nice excuse to contact everyone. I've seen this technique work very well and develop new business from it as well. Then take down the entire old domain. -John
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