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I'm having a bit of trouble with navigation & embedded views on the web and need a way to get round it. I'd also be interested to know if anyone else is seeing this. Here's the scenario: I have a $$ViewTemplateDefault form containing an embedded view (html not java). This view contains documents categorized by company name. On the form, there is a field which uses @NameLookup to pull the Company name from the user's Person document. This value is then used in the Show Single Category formula to restrict the view to only documents belonging to the company of the currently logged in user. However, if I am logged on, the single category formula evaluates to "*" so I can view all categories. I also have buttons containing @DbCommand("Domino";"ViewNextPage") @DbCommand("Domino";"ViewPreviousPage") When I log in as me (viewing all categories) these buttons work fine. If I log in as one of our users from another company, or if I change the company field in my own Person document, the ViewNextPage button seems to simply reload the page. It does not move onto the next page of documents. I tried doing the @NameLookup within the Show Single Category formula but this didn't work. I tried hardcoding the company name into the Show Single Category formula - instead of just reloading the page, this came back with No Documents Found. I also tried setting the 'Lines to Display' property of the embedded view to see if this made a difference, but it is not. I'm seeing this behaviour in both Firefox and IE. Domino server is 6.5.1 and is doing the same thing on both a Windows 2000 and a Linux (not sure which flavour) box. I've searched this forum and IBM Support and there has been some issues with single categories & embedded views but most of the ones I found seemed to have been fixed pre-6.5.1 and I didn't manage to find anything which explains the problem I'm having. Does anyone know if there are alternatives to the @DbCommands for navigation of single category embedded views on the web which might get round this problem? Also, has anyone else come across this? Thanks for reading! Emily. P.S. Also posted on LDD

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You can set the number of lines in the Embedded View properties on the form to, I think, 3000 lines. Or, if you used $$ViewTemplate for MyView, the reverse is true: you can call the URL to open the view w a count:

The viewtemplate associated with it will bring in all the formatting, Javascript, etc that you want in the form.

Regarding substitutes for @Command([NavigatePrev]) etc : Just use that on your form, and then look at the source. You will see that it references a UNID for the next or previous in a list of docs. In this case it sounds like the restricted category is foiling the expected list of UNIDs, so you could build a view that delivers all the UNIDs that a particular category would yield. Put the list into a computed for display field, and referernce that. That should take care of it.

Have fun!!

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    I found this on LDD, hope be helpfully,%40right(query_string_decoded%3B
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