Should you ever consider creating a fresh database for a user’s e-mail?

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On our Domino server, there is one mailbox that keeps generating errors. It is flagged in STATREP.nsf daily because documents can't be created or mail rules are problematic. I am unable to view the Rules in the database, and in Domino Administrator, it's the only mail file that doesn't show a template. I've tried tackling these problems individually (for example, I've replaced the template serveral times to no avail, and I've gone down several paths trying to fix the rules situations). I'm at a point where I'm seriously considering creating a new database based on the Mail R6 template, and copying all of her documents from her current (problematic) database to this new clean one. I see several problems with this (how do I copy/paste all of her calendar entries for example), so I'm looking for some suggestions. I also don't want to delete her account from the system and recreate her because of the several security issues I can foresee (but even here, am I wrong to assume that picking up again with the correct security would be a problem)? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. David

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It is not clear from your comment “replaced the template” what you have done. In this sort of situation I would set the database properties so that the correct template named is referenced on the design tab. Then you should perform a Design Refresh on the database. When prompted, select the server where the template is stored. This normally would fix any design issues.
Try this with the current template version and if still a problem upgrade the database to the latest release 6 version. Of course the Notes client MUST be at the latest release before you upgrade the mail db.
You can upgrade the mail db several ways. Either use Design Replace as opposed to Refresh and select the rel 6 template. You will then need to upgrade personal folders using the Action menu option “Upgrade Folders”. Or, you can perform the upgrade from the server console via Domino Administrator using the following command:
load convert -u filepath * newtemplatefilepath
filepath = relative path (to Data folder) and file name of database e.g. mailbobjones.nsf
newtemplatefilepath = relative path and file name of template e.g. mail6.ntf

I usually use the latter method because using the -u option converts all the personal folders automatically. You should stop message delivery before running the upgrade to stop any mail being sent to the db whilst it is being upgraded using:
tell router quit
And restart message delivery after command completes using:
load router
Mail gets queued during this time and will not be lost.

As far as creating a new database and copying documents …. well … I would suggest this should be your last choice option!

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  • DKoch67
    Thanks for your comments, but what you describe is what I have already done. When I mentioned I've "replaced the template", I was implying the various methods you spelled out. Your final comment is where I'm at -- the normal methods have not worked. I'm at the step where I need to investigate non-traditional methods like copying all the document into a clean database. If you have any advice on a leap like that, I'd love to hear them. But thanks again for your detailed response. David
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  • DKoch67
    In the end, I did create a new database based on the mail template. I copied all the documents from the old file to the new one. I set the settings correctly, then deleted the old database. It's been two days now and still no error messages. The user has not reported any strange behavior with the new database, either. Just wanted to put a final chapter on this situation. David
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