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We have a 2002 Sony VAIO desktop with Windows XP Media Center Edition, Service Pack 3. We also have a VAIO laptop with Windows Vista. Our desktop has 2 GB of memory--its maximum, but it is slow and inefficient, probably due to software conflicts. We don't use the laptop much. We are concerned about switching to Windows 7: it took a really long time for Microsoft to make XP as usable as it is now (it still has a lot of issues!), and we do not like Vista at all. Should we upgrade, and why (not)? If there is no definitive answer, please provide criteria so we can derive an informed decision. Please note that we also have limited funds. Thanks in advance!

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If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. The upgrade from Windows XP to 7 will cost come cash, quite a bit depending on which version you go with.

I’ve been using Windows 7 since it was in beta and I’ve been quite happy with it. Now my computer is much newer that 2002. My desktop also has 2 Gigs of RAM, and it’s a little slow if I open to many apps, but that’s because I run out of RAM. My laptop has 3 Gigs of RAM and doesn’t really have the same problems.

The big thing to check before you think about upgrading would be to ensure that all your applications run under Windows 7. Your computers will be old enough that you won’t be able to use the Windows XP virtual machine which comes with Windows 7 (Ultimate and Business only I think) as your CPUs won’t have the Virutalization code in them.

You may want to look into replacing the machines with newer machines. The cost of the software upgrade may be close to the cost of a new computer, and the new computer will come with Windows 7, or at least a free upgrade to it.

The only person who can decide if the upgrade is right for you, is you.

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  • Kevin Beaver
    Like Mrdenny says: definitely don't fix it if it's not broken. Windows 7 is nice but on a system that old you may have a tough time finding the right hardware drivers. A clean install of XP and application reload will make your system run like new so consider that instead.
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  • Coop
    How can you tell and learn if you do not test things! I recommend making a backup image of your computer. Use a program like driveimageXML or Acronis. I personally use Acronis Echo for everything. Make sure you have a good working image on an external driver or DVDs. Also Backup any data files, pictures etc. Separately, ( YOU should be doing that anyway. ) At this point, If you really want to be safe. Go buy a new hard drive, (cheap) Take your existing drive out, and keep it safe. Now you can test a fresh install of Windows 7, or you can restore your drive image to the new drive, then try an upgrade install of Windows 7. I can tell you, my Windows 7 Experiences. my wife got a new computer, we installed Windows 7 RC on it. She loves it. I upgraded 4 computers in my office to Windows 7 for fun, and they all worked. I then used the image to put them back to original. (because I don't want to use an RC for working production computers ) I really wanted it on my home computer, so I did an upgrade install and it totally failed. My computer crashed like you would not believe. Blue screen every start up! I highly suspect a software conflict. I was not willing to do a clean install, so I restored my image and continue to use Vista on it. So I have 6 success, 1 Failure. Lots of learning, no data loss. You cannot learn without trying, just do it safely! Backups and Images are your friends!
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  • JandNLarson
    We are not programmers, but home (office) users. One of us has only a little computer experience, the other has used Windows and Office for at least ten years. What is the "image" you mentioned? We do not know what it is!
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  • Rakei
    To help you kill your curiousity of making an Backup Image.Heres a link that may help you.. or theirs more to learn than what youre asking..however, help will be provided for your convinient..
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