Should I run Windows Defender and Malwarebytes together?

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Windows Defender
So I just upgraded to Windows 10. Obviously Windows 10 is installed with it but I also have Malwarebytes too. Should I run both together? Or should I just go ahead and delete one of the anti-viruses? Thank you very much.

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Yes, it is a good combination Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium.

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  • TheRealRaven
    If Malwarebytes (MBAM) is the free version, they shouldn't have any conflicts since they won't be doing the same work. The free version runs as a periodic scanner, looking for malware (including viruses) that might have made it onto your system. As a scanner, it's not always considered to be a true "anti-virus" product.

    The premium paid version, however, attempts to catch malware in real-time, not needing to wait for a scan to be run. Since Defender will be running as a real-time protection, the two should not both be activated. (Personally, if I had MBAM premium, I'd disable Defender. Actually, I wouldn't use Defender at all given the available alternatives.)

    As long as you use the free MBAM, it should work well with Defender. They protect in different ways against a wider variety of threats. You only need to be diligent in running regular MBAM scans, perhaps at least weekly.
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  • nmossSaepio
    Hi, whilst Microsoft have really upped their security game with Windows 10, we view it as something which is a replacement for a traditional endpoint AV, and is a great platform for Malwarebytes to sit on top of. 
    We have a number of enterprise customers who were using Sophos or Kaspersky, who have moved to a layered approach with Windows 10 and Malwarebytes. They now have the additional protection that Malwarebytes offer and their total endpoint security spend is less than before. 
    Our advice is to utilise your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement wherever possible, and whilst Windows 10 is much improved from a security standpoint, it's still not doing the Incident Response or has the advanced zero day protection of Malwarebytes.
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  • ToddN2000
    I agree with Raven, as long as you are not running more than one "real time" anti virus protection program you should be fine. I use the Malwarebytes free version myself and scan my system once a week with it. I have no conflicts with my real time protection. Running more than one "real time" often results in one of them saying it detected something and points to the other anti virus program and could corrupt if if you quarantine or remove what it finds.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    No, not necessary to run the both/you may disable any one, while the Malwarebytes is free, you can continue with this one. Windows Defender is completely built into Windows and you cannot completely uninstall windows defender. However, you can always disable it.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I would recommend testing both with and without Malwarebytes enabled. You likely won't see a difference. You can also run a benchmark test such as GeekBench to see the results. In the end, assuming no problems, it's somewhat of a personal preference. I run Defender along with a similar anti-malware tool and have never experienced issues in Windows 10.
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  • bhannah
    I discovered a long time ago that Windows Defender does a very poor job and misses too much. I also discovered that it's patches can corrupt your system because they fail to install properly had this issue happen on a Win 7 machine and a Win 8 machine. I have disabled it on all the machines I have and I do not recommend its use. I do have Malwarebytes installed on every machine I have and it works without an issue on all of them. I would recommend a third party AV / Firewall / Antimalware product and there are any number of good ones available.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    As far as knowledge, there are several free anti virus, but experiencing Avast Free antivirus, and it is really good. Just a free registration is necessary and you will get 1 year support with latest patch and anti malware protection. If you are satisfied, you can continue this one in the same way. However, if the Malwarebytes works fine, you can continue the same.
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  • Fagobla
    I use Windows Defender and Malwarebytes Premium and there is no conflict. Just select the option "Never register Malwarebytes in Windows action center".
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