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My office uses Outlook via an Exchange server, but only a few desktops have Outlook 2007 - the remainder (majority) use 2003. We need to do a shared calender that allows each person to be assigned a color code for ease of use/viewing the calender. In 2007, colors are tagged with the Category feature, whereas in 2003 there is no Category feature, but there is a Tag feature that can be color coded and custom named. How can we make these two compatible? And second question: is there a way to allow an individual user to select only specific items from their personal calender for inclusion in the shared calender, other than drag-and-drop? We are all on XP OS, btw.

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Q – 1: Unfortunately only your 2007 users will see the color catagories outlook 2007 assigns, This is a limitation which cannot be resolved except by upgrading your outlook 2003 users to outlook 2007. Sorta like how you can’t get a 2008 model car in the 2009 model colors from the factory. Outlook 2007 is backwards compatible, but outlook 2003 is not, of course, “forward compatible” in that features added to outlook 2007 are still not going to be viewable in outlook 2003.
Q-2: You are also out of luck on the calendar. Drag and drop is your only option when posting to the shared calendar. Outlook and Exchange are useful tools, but unfortunately they do not do EVERYTHING we want them to.

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  • Neewbie
    In a related issue, I'm trying to set up a shared calendar between a user with Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003. The 2007 user is trying to share a calendar with the 2003 user. An invitiation was sent from the 2007 user. However, when the 2003 user attempts to access the shared calendar, she keeps getting an error message that the folder is not available. I know that I'm missing a step somewhere along the way but I haven't been able to find any information online. This blog is the first useful one that I've found!
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  • EmNichs
    Neewbie, You may have better luck getting a response if you repost your question using the "Ask a Question" function. Good luck! Em
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