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The question title is obvious: I want to share my high speed internet connection. I have the following: 1 - Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U 1 - LinkSys WRT54GS Router (wired and wireless capable) 1 - Wireless-capable Dell Latitude D810 laptop w/ XP PRO SP2 and all updates 1 - Self-built wireless-capable desktop w/ XP PRO SP2 and all updates 1 - Old, yet still efficient HP desktop w/ XP PRO SP2 and all updates Now, here's my scenario. The AirCard internet works just find on all 3 PCs, just plug it in, and boom, you're on the 'net. Now, I had previously had my AirCard connected directly to my Self-Build desktop via USB (the only way to connect the AirCard) and was sharing the connection directly to the D810 lap via crossover Cat6 cable which provided Gigabit connection between the two PCs. However, since both my desktop and laptop are both wireless-capable, I bought the WRT54GS router so I could use the laptop around the house. So, I enable ICS on the AirCard (connected to my desktop), which configured the onboard NIC to use the IP Address. I then plugged my Cat5 from the onboard NIC into the internet port on the router. VOILA! The laptop could surf the 'net, the desktop could surf the 'net. No problems. However, the router's IP address is set to, through DHCP on the router, the laptop's IP address is The problem I had was I couldn't remap the network drives on both PC's like they had been when they had previously been wired directly to each other. I know they're now on separate networks .0.1 and .1.1, so in order the get them to see each other, I used my old HP to serve the same purpose as my desktop. Share the AirCard, Cat5 into the internet port on the router, DHCP my desktop and laptop, and boom, all three are on the 'net, the desktop and laptop can map drives. All that being said, what I want to do is remove the HP computer from the whole equation, and use only my desktop to share the connection. When I try to set my router's IP address to be on the same network as the desktop (, {the desktop is to share the internet}), I can't access the 'net on any of the 3 PCs. I can still map drives between my desktop and laptop. So I tried configuring my router to receive it's internet connection from a static IP address, via the HP's NIC address and set the router's IP address to or any other number besides the 2 and I get an error message saying that the WAN and LAN IP addresses are the same and I must change them. For now everything works, WITH a third machine added to the mix, but is there a way to make this work WITHOUT having to have a third machine? Can I configure a router's IP address to be on the same network the router is receving it's internet connection from? Or can I bind multiple IP addresses to the NIC on my desktop so that it can share the internet via and connect to the network at the same time? I know I've typed a mouthfull, but I wanted to fully explain my situation. Any help, advice, tips, ideas, or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

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Wow you are right that is a mouthful, I might have lost you, but why don’t you just set up the router to provide all IP addressed to devices via DHCP, forget the sharing the connection through computers, this should be easier that having to deal with the rest.
DO you get a static IP from your ISP, or is it dynamic?
Then all the computers will be on the same network, by default 192.168.1.x on linksys routers, but you can change that if you want to.

Hope this helps at least a little.


Hi, I have a network in my home a network like the network you wish.

Here is the configuration.

I connect the Wireless G Router directly to the internet network (an internet provider), so I have used the WAN connexion in the Router to connect my network to internet.
The internet provider give me an ip address like in this case they give me an fixed IP, sometimes they give you an IP generated by a DHCP, so you must investigate what kind of address you had.
After set the WAN or internet conection in your Router, you have to create your own network, follow this steps.
Define you network, you can use 192.168.2.X (your network is 192.168.2 ).

Router LAN — IP this is your (Default Gateway).

Disable the Automatic DHCP in the Router configuration.

Fisrt PC (can by anyone).
IP address –
subnet Mask –
Default Gateway
DNS (the IP the provider give you)
DNS (same as previous)

Repeat the process with the other PC’s, you must change the IP address for the PC,,,…….

Your problem is that you are using some IP that the provider has using, so yo must create your own network and connect your network to internet through yor router, using the router as a gateway.

After that you can set a wireless network password and enable the router DHCP property to give automatic access to you network to the people you want.

If you think that you need more help, write it. I will be following this question.

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  • DimeonS
    I would like to do that, except the Sprint AirCard is only USB. There is a $250 router out there that you can directly plug the aircard into, and then do exactly what I'm wanting to do. Only, I'm not willing to spend that much on a router. However, since I posted, I have managed to remove the HP desktop computer from the mix. Now I have another problem. My internet connection is on, I can ping all kinds of websites, and I can even run a download manager and still download, but the browsers on my laptop and desktop won't bring up a webpage. They'll both work for a while, and then just quit. I have to go unplug the modem and plug it back. Maybe I've done something wrong somewhere. Thanks for you input, though. And, as for a static IP, my ISP is Sprint, and the IP is dynamic and the stupid address changes more times than the wind changes direction.
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  • Swhuffman96
    DimeonS I'm not sure I follow you either. Sprint is your you have DSL modem, right? Then you connect the router to the modem via the Internet port. Then, you can connect each PC to the router via wireless then hence the Internet. With a router, there is no need for any PC to share the internet connection for the laptop and/or other desktops. Each client PC/laptop connects to the router. So, the dynamic IP is recvd by the WAN side of the router.... whatever, whatever. Its dynamic so it big deal. Then the router has by default on the LAN side. It also serves up DHCP IP addresses to each client that connects. So your PC can be and laptop, etc. etc. All on the same local network. If you have an issue connecting in this fashion, Sprint may know the MAC address of your single PC if you previously connected. What you will need to do is "clone" your PCs MAC as the router's MAC that Sprint sees over the WAN. Its pretty simple. There is a page in the router config that you just type in your PCs MAC and hit "clone" and its done.
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  • DimeonS
    unfortunately the modem is not DSL, it's a usb AirCard which must be plugged directly into a usb port on the pc. however, after much adieu, i did figure out a solution for myself that works well. after sharing my internet connection on my desktop though my USB modem, my onboard NIC was assigned the address. so, i disabled DHCP on the router, gave the router a address, plugged the Cat5 from my desktop NIC into the standard network (not the internet port) port on the router, and everything worked! by the desktop and my lap can see each other. the laptop can surf the net wirelessly and share files back and forth. i guess, in hindsight, i was overcomplicating everything. however, i do wish i had a dsl or cable modem, this would be a whole lot easier. as it is now, i have to have my desktop turned on all the time in order for the laptop to get on the 'net, unless i go buy the $250 router that will let me plug my USB aircard directly into it. thanks for advice, you guys pointed me in the right direction!
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