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At our reception desk we have two computers that I would like to print to one printer - an HP Laserjet 4000T. Now, I was able to install it I believe. ;) It shows up in the list of available printers but when I try and look at it's properties it says.... "The print spooler service is not running" and I can't do anything with it. Any ideas?

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What operating system are you using? It sounds like the print spooler is not running. Go to your services and check to see if it is running or not. It might be set to manual. You can set it to start automatically. So try starting the service first and then try printing. If that does not work, Delete the print, then go to add remove programs and delete software from there as well and re-install it. Make sure you also have the correct share permissions. hope this helps you a little bit.

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  • TheVyrys
    We have to assume all three devices are networked? If so, you can assign the printserver (internal card?) on the HP to a specified IP (either reserved or outside your DHCP scope)and then create a local standard TCP port on each computer in the 'add printer wizard'. Install the printer drivers for that device and you should be set. OR you can setup printing services for this device on a server and then add the device in the 'add printer wizard'. hope this helps..
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  • Punkster
    I don't know what OS you are using but if it happens to be Windows 2000 Pro then right click on My Computer and select Manage. Then find the Services and Applications area and expand that. Next click on Services and in the list you should see Print Spooler. Double click on this and set it to start automatically. Then under status click start and that should do it.
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  • Poppaman2
    If you take a look at the services control panel and see that the spooler service is already started (see postings, above), try stopping ther service and restarting it, and make sure it is set to "automatic". If the 4000T is hanging off one of the computers, make sure that "file and print sharing" is installed and configured on the PC to which the printer is attached.
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  • Whiteboy444
    this is kinda off-subject with what your asking. but if the printer spooler is set to start automatically, and it's not, check out the event viewer. if you have any errors from it, than its the problem. i have had this problem on a few machines this past week. the fix is below.;en-us;888206
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  • Guardian
    Well generally the spool service should be automatic but that's one area to check. also check if you installed the printer software correctly without changing some default settings. The main are to check also is if everything is networked correctly. NIC's are working fine? Just a side shot, check in you advanced setting on the printer properties, to see if the "spool documents" or "print direct to printer". I have a HP 4100 PCL Regards Newton
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