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Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Shadow Copy
Does anyone know what using Shadowing means?

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Shadow copy is a point in time ‘backup of files and folders on a win 2003 server.
You can switch it on under the properties on the drive (you can only activate it for a whole drive letter, not individual files and folders) so you may want to use partitioning prior to setting it up.
You can set it to make the copies, or ‘backups’ of the folders when you feel you need them most, and the server will automatically snapshot the files files and folders and keep a copy of any changes that have been made since the last copy was taken.
Just bear in mind 2 things – 1) The copy process will take up disk space, so the more files and folders that change frequently will take up more disk space. The amount taken up by the copy service is shown in the properties from where you set it up (although you can limit the amoutn of space the copy service uses)
2) you can only take a maximum of 64 copies.

Once you have the service up and running, you can browse to files / folders and right click, properties on them. This will show a ‘Previous Versions’ tab.
Clicking on this will shoe all of the previous versions of the objct, and give you the ability to veiw them, then copy back if required.
Also note here, this tab ONLY appears from a shared volume (eg \\server\share) not from the
actual drive letter in windows Explorer.

If you are trying to view the files from a win200 or XP workstation insetad of the server itself, you will need to install the shadow copy client first.

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  • Jerry Lees
    Great answer. Exactly right, IMHO. One thing to rememebr about shadow copies is they are just that-- COPIES. Anything that allows you to make backup copies will take up space... the same amount of space as the file you are backing up. So if you have a 1 Meg file and you are taking a shadow copy of it 5 times a day you will use 1 Meg in the file and 5 megs for teh backups--- for as many days as you setup to keep the backups. Not a big deal, but sometimes people forget that or turn it on for the whole drive and don't realize it too takes up space on the drive.
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