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Small Company - 10 users at each Site. Site A and Site B have no active directory relationship. (Seperate forests) Site A has two NT4 Servers (PDC and BDC) and a 2003 Server connected to the domain. No internal DNS at Site A. Site B has two 2003 Servers as Domain Controller and DNS. Site A - I Would like to make the 2003 server the new DC and install DNS on it and have Site B's two 2003 servers replicate to it. Questions: (Please correct anything wrong or give feedback as to how to..) Can I install the DNS role on Site A - 2003 server and point the two NT4 servers to it? What is the best approach to setup the new 2003 server as a DC at site A? ...The following applies to setting up the new DC on the 2003 server at Site A... - Do I need to disconnect the 2003 server from the NT4 domain first and create new domain? - Run DCPROMO and since I want to replicate it from Site B, create it as a new domain in same forest as Site B? - How do I see AD forest information in a Heirachy layout for each site? - Run ADMT and copy user and computer objects from NT4 Server? There are only about 15 user accounts. - Join pcs to new domain? - Will and I have to copy the local profiles on the pc to the new domain profile? - Will setting up the new 2003 DC affect any pcs on the NT4 domain before I join them to the new domain? (all use Windows XP) Replication Once this is done, what is the best way to setup replication from Site B to the new Site A DC?

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To simplify everything since this no matter how many sites it has, it is still a single company approximately with 20 users. I would create new user accounts for those in site A onto the DCs in Site B. Then have a 2003 Server in Site A (dcpromo-ed) to the same domain as Site B.

This will simplify management as a whole instead of dealing with it as single site entities.

Each system at Site A, I would have the computers added to new domain.
Each user at Site A would log into the new domain (to create profile entry) and then log out.
Modify registry on system to point their new SID to their old SID profile location. (if needed)
Modify ntfs permissions for new SID to old SID folder within documents and settings. (if needed)

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  • Smarcellini
    lol, i wish. The main purpose for this is to host the DNS internal at Site A. If I can get away with adding DNS role to the 2003 server and pointing the NT4 PDC and BDC to it for dns, I will live with that but the whole scenario is what will need to happen in the soon future as the NT4 servers are old.
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