Setting up an SSH connection to a Window server 2003

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003
SSH Configuration
Windows Server 2003 configuration
Can I setup a ssh connection to a Windows server 2003 to configure settings? If so how would I do that and what can I configure?

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I imagine that you could install and configure ssh using a tool such as cygwin, but I’m not so certain that you’d be able to do much as far as configuration once you establish an ssh tunnel. In Linux (et al) you can configure quite a bit from that ssh command line, but most points of configuration in Windows are housed in a GUI and can’t be edited from a command line (at least not easily).

You may, however, be able to use the ssh tunnel to provide a secure path for a vnc connection. That would give you access to the native Windows GUI to use for your configurations, while doing so across the secure tunnel.

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  • jinteik
    you can use copssh, create the keys, put into the server and your done.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    U may use Bitvise Tunnelier or Download PuTTY free for Windows 2003 server !
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  • carlosdl
    An SSH server must be installed on the server first. Then, a client (such as tunnelier or putty) can be used to connect to the server.
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  • petkoa
    When you install the ssh server on the win2003 (I think an ssh server is a must even on a windows server system) you can use command line tools for widows server management - there are a lot of them, in fact. Other possible configuration I used is to set up a tunneling box running sshd with a configuration that allows port forwarding to hosts on internal network and to forward different ports to different internal hosts... Then use vnc or rdesktop for GUI menagment of those hosts.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Agree with Petkoa ! u may use windows command line tools for the same purpose. But some expertise is required.....
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  • Labnuke99
    If all you need access to are command line tools for windows, use the Microsoft Sysinternals PSEXEC tool from a machine where you have authenticated with appropriate credentials to run the admin tools on the remote system. I often use "psexec \remotehost cmd" to export a command line shell to my machine without having to install anything on the remote server. No other special tools are needed on either the client or server.
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