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I'm having a problem configuring four public IPs to used on four computers, 1 cable modem connected to Linksys router. I have all the info for the ISP like the 4 static IP, gateway, submask & DNS 1&2. I type all the info to each comp but no go. Please help!

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No need to give public IPs to all the 4 computers.
Just give a single Public IP to the Linksys routers’ WAN interface with subnet mask, DNS and relevant stuff.
Turn on the DHCP functionality of Linksys router which will give private IPs to all the 4 computers and wil

It is not a good idea to give computers a public IP unless absolutely necessary. You should map an IP and open a firewall providing access only to ports/services on the hosts. Your router/gateway should be intelligent enough to provide port address translation (PAT) for hosts on the private side who need access to the public side. This will prevent the malicious world of the public internet from directly accessing all services on the private hosts.

Some address translation boxes permit using the same IP address but different ports to internal devices.

I suspect that your ISP gave you some public IP’s but those should be mapped at the public interface of the router and not on the private side of the router. You will assign a different subnet to the private side and then the router public interface performs the address translation to the internal hosts.

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  • Zee3
    hello, thanks for your quick respond. but, your suggestion will not work to my configuration. I know exactly what you mean. but, what I need is to configure the four static IP that my provider assign to me so all 4 computer will have different public IP's. thanks for your help though.
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  • Zee3
    hi and, thanks again to your input. it's much appreciated. anyway, I figure it out and, got it to work. this is what I did: went & got a switch then connect it directly to cable modem. and, run an RJ45 from a switch hub then i configured the Static IP that, I got from my provider to each computer. I could also, use a different route by using a router that support bridge mode. thanks again for your help zee3
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  • Troy Tate
    Very good. Just remember to harden these machines and apply all patches and updates to applications. Otherwise, these machines will be compromised in a very short time. Be sure to have backups so you can recover critical data.
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