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We have several applications that query the iSeries through ODBC, so they all use the prestart job QZDAINIT. Is there a way to change the run priority on these jobs so that one application's queries can have a higher priority than another application's queries? Since each application's queries always use the same user ID, can we set the run priority for a user ID in a prestart job?

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I believe the run priority and time slice are defaulted by the job “class”. So, do a WRKSBSD on the subsystem these jobs run in, use the option to display the prestart jobs and find the class. Then take a look at the class (WRKCLS) to see how it is defined. Personally, I would not modifiy an IBM supplied class – but you could create a new one. Did you mean QZDASOINIT? It uses class QPWFSERVER, which already runs Priority 20 and a timeslice of 3000.

You don’t really want to run lower than 20…

Of course, my gut feeling is don’t muck around with the settings – but take a look at the queries. There may be some way to make your queries more efficient.


Your information about the class controlling the run priority is correct, but our problem is that we want to be able to run QZDASOINIT at different priorities, depending on the application that is submitting the query, and there is no way to dynamically change the class (and the run priority) that I can see.

One thought I had was to create additional prestart jobs by cloning QZDASOINT and using different classes with different run priorities, but how do I get ODBC to use these new prestart jobs?


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  • mcl
    You might be able to find some answers in this article. Other than that I'm not sure what you can do. Regards Mike
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  • GaryF
    Mike, The article you cited was exactly what we were looking for. I had to create a new subsystem to segregate the queries where we wanted to change the run priority, but that is easy to do. Thanks for your help, GaryF
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