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can we set workstation ids so that they are not assigned every time we sign on by the the as 400 system

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Remember you must create these unique devices before you can assign them.

Change the property in the “Configure PC5250” session so that it uses the Only workstation ID you have designated in the Specify workstation ID box.

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  • Vatchy
    That depends on how they are connecting. If you are using Client Access / iSeries Access then you can set the workstation ID in the configuration - click on Communication and then click on Configure.
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  • BJThomasJr may want to do this with a generic workstation ID so if users disconnect the workstation without logging off, it doesn't result in needing to vary on the device, and if you DO need to vary on device, you can then vary on WSIDxxx*
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  • TomLiotta
    For "permanent" renames, use either the Device Selection Exit Program for exit point QIBM_QPA_DEVSEL or the Device initialization exit program for exit point QIBM_QTG_DEVINIT. Be very careful with those because they both include an 'Allow connection' return value and you don't want to be approving connection requests by default. You can put different device names into every PC, but that doesn't stop the use of other devices -- it just provides a default value for names. PC configurations can be changed. If you want control and you want permanent, the server is where decisions should be made. Tom
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  • jinteik
    at my side, what we do is we set each pc with a workstation ID then we remove the configure under communication tab. we limit our users to 1 session id per workstation and there is no other spare open session to be grab.
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  • TomLiotta
    ...then we remove the configure under communication tab. Be aware that the 'Configure' function under Communication isn't needed. Notepad can easily change the configured device name on the PC. The .WS file is just a text file. Now, if these are all served from a mapped drive and no user can copy them and each user gets a unique .WS file, then I suppose it's okay... except you can simply type one of your own into any text file with a .WS extension. Samples can be copied from the internet. The configuration on the PC is not a reliable way to control this. If it needs to be controlled, the server (the AS/400) needs to be in charge. Of course, if the control is merely for the convenience of IT staff, then it doesn't really matter. Tom
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  • pdraebel
    I believe IBM has some exit programs available for assigning Device names based on IP adresses. This allows us to assign names based on IP ranges and routing the sessions from different IP ranges to the appropriate Subsystem. You may try to search for TELNET USEREXIT on IBM. This solution makes use of the Exit points mentioned by Tom. However it all depends how your workstations get IP addresses assigned.
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