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Hi, I wana set the time of all clients in the domain with the time of my dc,how can I use the net time command? Dc OS:Win 2003 server r2 Clients OS:win xp pro sp2 Thank you. Regards Mahnaz

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The Windows Time Service on the client should take care of the for you but the command you are wanting is:

net use \DCServerName /set /y

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  • Anthray
    Configure Time Service - net time /setsntp:"ntp server ip address"
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  • GeneralPCS
    I put the following at the beginning of all my login scripts: Net Time DCname /SET /Y Where DCname is the name of your domain controller.
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  • Ralfie1957
    Net Time /setsntp:nameofserver(Your DC) This sets the clients tiem with the DC Then you need to run W32tm /resync to syncronise the time with the DC Hope that helps
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  • Mortree
    If you have only XP SP2 workstations in a 2003 domain then all the workstations automatically do what you want "Computers that are members of an Active Directory domain synchronize time with domain controllers by default. Domain controllers synchronize time with their parent domain controller. By default, the root parent domain controller will not synchronize to a time source. The root parent domain controller can be set to either synchronize to a known and trusted Internet-based time source, or a hardware time device that provides an NTP or SNTP interface. Its time accuracy can also be maintained manually" But you can use GPO to fine tune as well then on the client side for other cases you still really only use..."net time servername /set /y " command in the login script to set the time on the Win 9x clients" though it won't usually hurt otherwise. Though theoretically the time could bounce a little from this command line and automatic means below. One drawback is that this method specifies a specific DC as timeserver and that server could go down. Otherwise the preferred method is via a DHCP paramter x04 (says timerserver) where you specify the IP of time servers (alternatives possible) for NT technology workstations (NT4, 2000, XP). This method is superior for extended logons as it potentially will synchronize between logons. Second -- Note that DC controllers automatically update each other without special configuration (other than any WAN linkages required for other purposes as well). But only one DC should be set to master as a consumer of external atomic clock time from the Internet -- that is at least only one per physical site. The idea is allow the netowrk to reach it own equilibrium rather than tons of very small updates due to jitter in Internet/LAN time protocol -- and also to avoid swamping public time servers with unnecesary requests. Specific for 2003
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