Server stops responding to clients daily atexacly the same time

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Hi, We have a Domino Server 6.5.5 on Windows 2000 SP4. Every day, the server would stop responding to clients between 11:30am to 11:50am. We noticed that NSERVER is talking almost 100% of the CPU utilization. From the console, we can only type Q to quit and restart the server. The Windows OS itself still responds and has no problems, only the Domino console freezes for unknown reason. We have already disabled all agents that run on the time Domino hangs but this did not solve the problem. Regards, Jay

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1. Tell me a bit more about your environment. How many users? How many servers? When are your replication events occurring. Excessive replication may be occurring during this time span. Set most jobs to LOW PRIORITY.

2. How many full-text indexes are there on the server. The indexing process is very memory intensive and could be bogging your server down.

3. When did the problem start? Has the environment ever properly worked? What has changed from then?

4. Why not go to Version 7? The Notes kernel in our small environment has been much more responsive, and we only have transitory (1 minute) drops in our server availability index.

5. In Domino Administrator under the server tab, under the monitoring tab, What processes stop during this crucial time period?

6. What does the server log tell you about what is happening during this time period?

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  • EvilMustache
    Welcome to my world. Same environment. We only have 1 Domino Server hosting about 20 Domino Web applications, and 10 Notes applications. Our cluster server went down in October, and they have not replaced it yet! (arg!) Of the applications we run, 4 are VERY intensive and complicated (a lot of data input, a lot of indexing, a lot of agents, and a lot of data integration with various environments via lotusscript lsx, flat files, LEI, and some funky Java Excel routines.
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  • JayCuizon
    Hi, - We have 2 domino servers with exactly the same hardware, os and domino version. - Our user count is only 70. Replication events to only occur at night, not during the day when in hangs. - All full text idex were disabled since the problem started. - The problem started 3 weeks ago and before that, it was working fine. - The only change we made is the LAN card of the server which we replaced and the server worked fine for almost 2 weeks and then the problem started. We thought that it was a RAM problem since the server only has 1GB so we increased it to 2GB but no effect. - The only observation we found is that NSERVER.EXE uses almost 100% of the CPU and RAM usage is 800MB when domino hangs. Jay
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  • KCGross
    Hmmmm.... Have you tried running the server as a Java console with the nserver.exe -jc -c command? I had an issue back in the day when my primary Domino server was running poorly and would not trigger as a service. I used this command and got the server back up and oddly this seemed to repair the nserver service. I can't even begin to tell you why that might have helped: it just did. You've done your server and client virus scans? Some viruses propagate by regularly scheduled mail events. Check the routing log for unusual levels of activity. A global email broadcast by numerous hosts at the exact same time would cripple most any mail server. Domino slaves to the operating system for network card drivers, so I think the NIC change is probably a red herring. Other than that, have you tried a repair on your Domino server software installation? That would be my last resort. Also, do you have isolated lab equipment on which you could mirror the environment and produce the same result?
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  • JAlyn63128
    We had a similar problem, but the time was on Tuesday at noon. Turns out the default for the Archive agent to run is Tuesday at noon. We found one user's mail file was set to run the archive agent on the schedule and that brought the server to its knees. Check your log for agent activity, use the console logging, and see if that last record of an agent launching is a mail file. Jim
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