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I have 152 computers in a 4 story building, how many servers would i need.

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That’s like saying how many people would it take to screw in 152 light bulbs. Well, one if they are not busy and it can take a little while. It all depends on what they are doing. One server (or even just a router/NAT box) could handle computers just surfing the net. Add in email and a single exchange server could handle that well (Depending on your uptime needs) If you’re throwing exchange in there, a domain controller server would be needed, but the exchange server could probably run on that. Beyond that is where you have to ask more questions. Is a file server needed, what kind of files (one server would be able to handle occasional document accesses, etc), most of all what applications do you need, those usually need a dedicated server (like database, etc) Hopefully a start, not a lot of info to work off of. (If the load was light, I’d probably have 2 physical servers, one running a vmware instance of domain & exchange, then another on standby for manual (or semi-auto) failover) Probably some shared storage at that. Otherwise if the load is heaver/more critical, it’s cluster time.

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  • Paramesh
    As brandonbates said, it is matter of what is that you are going to do with the systems. Let me assume that you are going to have mailing alone, One server will be enough which will hold AD, Exchange togother and ofcourse it is always better to have a ADC as a backup.
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  • DrillO
    This is an interesting question.....sounds almost like a school exercise...if this is the case, you have a lot of prep work to do. I enjoy helping people, even students, but I don't like doing homework for them. Now, let's assume for a moment that you are a business person and have had this project dumped in your lap. My advise to you owuld be to sit down with senior management and have a good look at the business plan and the reason for the network in the first place. You HAVE to fit the technology to the business, not the business to the technology. Technology is no a silver bullet and will not solve all of your problems by some magic means. If you do not have the expertise to study the issue properly then hire a good consultant who can come in and look at the business plan, talk to management and the people in the trenches to see what is reqiured. Only then can a proper network design begin to take shape. I hope this helps a bit...good luck Paul
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  • TheVyrys
    Most everyone on this site gives great info... Kudos to you DrillO...that is one of the best answers/responses I have ever seen.
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  • Paul144hart
    In addition to others - you'll need to know the performance of the servers, and what computational load the application are. Network speed may also be a bottleneck. Look for a book on sizing large networks (like an O-Reilly). The application provider should have guidleines as well e.g. Do not use minimum recommended numbers, usually this is the lowest number that will run without crashing - but no regard to how fast users response will be.
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