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After being notified that my Windows Server 2003 (std ed) had updates ready for installation, I restarted the server but my user domain changed and I don't know the password. How do I get to my usual domain? Or how do I get a password for a new domain. I tried starting in safe mode but it still asks for a password. And 'use last known good config' does not work.

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Windows server 2003 std ed

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  1. You may try unplugging the network cable from the domain controller and then reboot DC. And check if you able logon! If so, please uninstall newly installed update.
  2. Please reboot the problematic server to Safe Mode and try to logon as LOCAL administrator to see whether it works. If so, please uninstall the newly installed update and then reboot the server to test again.
  3. Repair the Server

NOTES: Please take an in-place upgrade is the final alternative before u have to re-install the operating system. It takes the same amount of time to do the upgrade as to re-install the operating system. Also, some of the customized Windows settings may be lost through this process. Before doing that, you need transfer or seize PDC role to another domain controller.

Link here for In Place Upgrade and to fixup technical problem. Here is Microsoft’s support.

how do i get a password for a new domain“, sorry I can not provide the answer here, coz it is called one kind of hacking ! I don’t know if you are an administrator or not!


The portion of your question “How do I get to my usual domain?” seems to be the real question. Typically, you can type your domain/Username (mydomain/Myusername) and your original password in at the log-in screen.

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  • Ingram87
    Could you post a few more details about the problem?
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  • Rc100
    At startup i press F8 i tried booting in all 3 types of safe mode safe mode safe mode with networking safe mode with command prompt and all 3 go back to normal boot routine. i cannot start insafe mode ALso tried "last known configuration" but get a 'Service Control Manager' message - "Windows could not be started as configured. A previous configuration was used instead." and i get the same log on page requesting a password for a domain i don't know. Also tried Directory Services restore mode and it initially starts in safe mode and i get the 'directory services repair message, then it goes back to the Dell start screen and boots unitl i get the same logon page requesting a pasword again. How do i get into my server? i need to get my data.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Other than safe mode, could u start the server in normal way ! u mentioned earlier u stuck up on login screen. Try reinstall the same and get ur data as I mentioned in NOTES.... If not successful, this can also be accomplished by removing the hard drive, placing it as a slave on another computer (XP and W2K is safe) and then accessing the file system. Of course u need a second computer, but for some folks it may be an easier solution. Another way, U can install alternate instance of the OS NT (not 2000) on a different folder than WINNT, otherwise possibly u may end up with the same bad situation. Use ALTWINNT for an example. U delete this folder anyway, and it's best that u just format that partition after you're done. Formatting the partition will be much easier than deleting individual files and folders. OR use 3 rd party SW to recover password.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    I am extremely sorry, to write a very useful tool called "Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset" is so effective and works fine in that particular situation. If possible download and try with the one. I think, of course the point should not add to my profile, coz it is entirely my fault.
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  • Lions
    If your PC is on a domain, you can ask admin to reset your user password. As you said that you must be the admin of the domain,so you have to use password recovery tool to solve this problem . Here is a useful software: Windows Password Rescuer advanced.You can google for it or visit: It is a professional tool for recovering domain password. Hope this can help you.
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  • Loarpa
    Just share my practical experience. I have used Windows Password Recovery Corporation for my forgotten Server domain password. The procedure is so easy and safe with 3 steps by DIY a password reset disk!
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