Serious storage condition may exist.

Our sys admin left the company and we are now getting this message CPF0907 Serious storage condition may exist. I've followed thru the menus and I'm still unsure of what needs to be done. I'm an operator and would apprecriate any help on this.

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The message relates to disk capacity.
The system value QSTGLOWLMT holds the percentage of remaining disk space before the warning message is sent.
Basically your disk is almost full.
This is a bad thing, because of the architecture of the AS/400. If you let the disk get completely used up the machine can lock-up.
Type in the DSPSYSSTS command and look in the upper right hand corner for % system ASP used . . : 74.0484
My system is currently using 74% of the disk space and my QSTGLOWLMT is at 5. So I won’t get the message until I have used 95% of my disk space.
Your low limit value can be different.
Just take the low limit value and subtract it from 100 to get the percentage at which the message will be sent.
In my case: 100 – 5 = 95.

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  • DeadMeatinLA
    Now that you know how much disk space you have left... the obvious question is: "How do I get my freespace back?" If your sysadmin had been cleaning up leftover items for everybody and if he has been gone for a while it is probably just in need of a litttle cleaning up. Do a WRKOUTQ *ALL command and see if you have a few OUTQ's that have large reports (or lots of small ones) that are over 30 ro 60 days old and delete them if you can get permission to do so. You may also have audit journal receivers or application journal receivers that are not being forwarded regularly and the old ones are just growing like fungus... another problem could be that application transaction files may need to be manually re-organized to compress out deleted record space. Most of these types of items could be changed so that they are better cared for by the system itself... but many shops don't know how or may not think it is worth the effort... as long as someone is on staff that can go in and do it all once a month or whatever. Let me or the group know if you would like more details on some of the techniques used to clean up these items... or define them differently.
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  • I5sethu
    If u get message like this. u have to take action to clean your System by deleting Unwanted temparary Objects and libraries.I'm giveing some suggestion. 1.Journal Receivers(except active )to be deleted 2.Temparary Files to be deleted fiels to be deleted Do this steps carefully.
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