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How can insert a Serial Number in the datareport eg Srl No Rank Name Dept 1 RM T N THAKUR RLY 2 GM T S SINGH RLY 3 INSPR K K PANDEY RLY the data Filtered by RLY from a table and matched only 3 records

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I don’t know of a way to do that automatically.

You might need to use a recordset as a source, and programmatically add the serial number to each record before binding the recordset to the datareport.
from SBElectric
One simple option will be:
Go to Report design mode:
1) Create and insert a Text box with Label name as: Srl (short for serial number – like you have indicated).
2) Open the Property Sheet for the Text box – name it as txtSerialNum
3) On Control Source row: enter =1
4) Scroll down the property sheet – For Running Sum: select Over Group (from drop down list)

This will provide the report with a sequential number 1, 2, 3 etc.

When you change the underlying query for the Report to: say “Air Line” – the same report will provide sequential number for Air Lines.

You may use the same concept to provide the Total number of records for Rly.
Just create another Text Box – under Report Footer. Enter =Count([Dept]) on Control Source row.
I just tested in on Access 2007 – works fine.
Good luck .

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  • Sudeepcalicut
    I can't find control source row I am using DAO and VB6, Acceess 1) how can I print serial no 2) How can I print the report as in the order of the report 3) How can I sort it
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  • 15dec121963
    I insert the text box on data report for serial number but did not found source row on properties windows
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  • Featured Member: SbElectric - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] Serial number in VB data report [...]
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  • amroasm
    Set rec = DB.Execute("Select * from tablename where keyfield='" & trim(input variable) & "'")
    If rec.RecordCount > 0 Then

    Dim rsDummy As New ADODB.Recordset
    rsDummy.Fields.Append "SrNo", adBSTR
    rsDummy.Fields.Append "fieldname", adBSTR
    rsDummy.Fields.Append "fieldname", adBSTR
    rsDummy.Fields.Append "fieldname", adBSTR

    For iloop = 1 To rec.RecordCount
    rsDummy.Fields("SrNo") = iloop
    rsDummy.Fields("fieldname") = rec.Fields("fieldname") same field
    rsDummy.Fields("fieldname") = rec.Fields("fieldname")
    rsDummy.Fields("fieldname") = rec.Fields("fieldname") & ""

    Next iloop
    Set Datasample3.DataSource = rsDummy

    create datareport add data textbox srno,fieldname,fieldname,fieldname(exaple first name middle name lastname)
    define datareport control field name..

    good luck it will work

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