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When sending an e-mail from the AS400 to Microsoft Outlook, the sent time is not correct in the receipients inbox. When sending from Outlook to Outlook, the time is correct. Since this is confusing to the users, where do I start looking.

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I would start with verifying the system values QTIMZON and QUTCOFFSET for your time zone.
You also want to check the time on your as/400

Question – is there a pattern to the error — examples might help.


I have the same problem. PC & AS400 times match. I just sent an email @ 4:11pm and on Outlook the time sent is 5:11pm but the received time is 4:11pm.


What is QTIME on your 400?
Are you traveling faster than the speed of light?

Check out the first response .. you need to check the 400’s time and time zone
against your pc’s time and time zone.

Outlook adjusts the sent time based on the receiving systems time zone.
So your pc thinks it’s one time zone west er east oh .. I have a headache.


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  • slack400
    Outlook is using the local time on the PC. It's smart enough not to use the time zone that your Exchange server is sitting in. Sounds like you're using a simple SMTP email service on the AS400 and not Lotus Notes or something. I'd expect that the time stamp matches up with the time on the AS400. Phil's got it all right. If you're getting random time differences and not a repeatable time difference say 2 hours ahead on each email then there's something else going on.
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  • Yorkshireman
    email fro the i5 is either from a utility or some hand coded program. Identify which. Look at the way the utility - Domino or whatever, is set up and fix it. If its a bit of dodgy hand written code inserted somehere to do a DSPDST, then you need to track it down and provide a real function which obeys the timezone offsets and so on. First find the source...
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  • Splat
    The question is where does the mail server get it's time from? If you're using SNTP to set/maintain the time on the mail server, you should probably set up SNTP on the /400 to set/maintain the time from the same source. We run a very mixed environment with lots of data being sent from and to the /400 - SNTP has cut back the errors from time differentials between the servers.
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  • Robert Stewart
    If this is the new I5 with the HS blade system, all blades will also get their time from the AS400 or I5, so if your mailserver is on the I5 blade systems you need to check the I5. We had this exact problem with a mailserver on this I5 HS bladesystem. The I5 controls all time for the as400 and the blades. We went through several IBM support before we proved this to them. We would change the time on blade servers come in the next morning and they would be out of time. This went on for a week finally IBM had a solution.
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