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Microsoft Outlook 2003 is not saving a user's sent items. Her options are set up to keep a copy of sent email in the Sent Items folder. I have tried unchecking and rechecking the options box, but the copies of the sent email are still not being saved. However, the email does go through to the recipient. I have found copies of the sent email in the Sync IssuesLocal Failures folder, but there is no error message on why they failed. Do you have any suggestions?

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Are you hosting your own mail?

Is it only one particular user having the problem?

Has this problem been going on from the beginning of the setup of that machine or was it working at one point then stopped?

If it stopped working at some point I would look at any and all updates that may have been installed aroung the same time of the problem beginning.


Also, check to be sure it’s not a ‘VIEW’ problem — check while in Sent Items — View, Arrange By, Current View — make sure it’s set to ‘Messages’ and not something else.

From Brad Dinerman:
Do you have any PST files attached to your profile? Please check whether sent items are being saved in the Sent Items folder of a PST instead of your mailbox.

If outlook is not showing your sent emails – check the date/time on your PC. It is possible that you lost the clock settings and the emails are being sent to older time/date. Just a thought.

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  • Jackle777
    This behavior can occur for any of the following reasons: The Save copy of sent messages in the Sent Items folder option may not be selected. The Sent Items folder may be damaged. The system clock is not set correctly.
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  • cdanieli

    Had a power blurp and computer shut down.  When I started it back up and started sending e-mails, I realized that they weren't being saved in the Microsoft 2003 Sent Items Folder.  Tried every solution on the web that I could find and was about to give up when I read this last solution.  Checked the date on my computer and saw that it had defaulted back to 1/1/2002 when the power kicked out.  Changed the date and everything is working correctly now.  Even found the lost e-mails in the Sent Items, way at the very end of the folder dated 1/1/2002.  Whoever posted this solution, you are a genius - Thanks, Chuck

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  • GHirata
    Hi I've found that if you are using a 'corrupt' email template, the recipient will receive the email but you won't have it display in your SENT ITEMS list.
    I had checked the time/date and other functional settings to no avail.
    The solution that worked for me was to recreate the email template by doing the following:
    1. Select NEW EMAIL
    2. Copy and paste the text/contents from the corrupt template into the NEW EMAIL.
    3. SAVE AS and save it as an Outlook File Template (.OFT) with a similar name to the corrupt template file.
    4. Delete the corrupt template file.
    5. Rename the newly created template file to the same as what the corrupt file was called.
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