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Hi, I need to email 2 flat files from mainframe as CSV files. (the data in the flat files already contains the delimiter ','). The problem is, i get the 2 files attachements as CSV, but nothing in them! I feel I've got the MIME formatting wrong. I use IEBGENER, and the flat files are FB format. Here's part of the code: HELO nodename MAIL FROM:<from address> RCPT TO:<to address> DATA FROM: from address TO: to address SUBJECT: Daily Reports MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="simpleboundary" --simpleboundary Please find attached the two reports. --simpleboundary Content-Description:Test report1 Content-Disposition:attachment;FILENAME="Report1.CSV" // DD DSN=REPORT.FILE1,DISP=SHR // DD * --simpleboundary Content-Description:Test report2 Content-Disposition:attachment;FILENAME="Report2.CSV" // DD DSN=REPORT.FILE2,DISP=SHR // DD * --simpleboundary . QUIT //SYSUT2 DD SYSOUT=B,DEST=SMTP Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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I would suggest installaing and using XMITIP. This excellent free tool can be found at

Hope this helps…

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  • BlueKnight
    I don't have any problem mailing a comma delimited file from our system. We are currently running zOS 1.3 on a 7060-H50 (Multiprise 3000) -- soon to be zOS 1.4 on a Z890-2086. This is how we have it set up (I hope it renders properly - looks awful after I pasted it). Maybe this would work for you... Joblib member: //MAILIT01 JOB (Z12CJIS,T,N),'EMAIL A FILE', // CLASS=S, // MSGCLASS=X, // MSGLEVEL=(1,1) //* //*--------------------------------------------------------------------* //* Redirects sequential dataset via mainframe utility to email sys. * //* Sends an email to all the users listed in the parmlib member * //* mail2me. * //*--------------------------------------------------------------------* //* Where: * //* To( EMAIL ADDRESS FULLY QUALIFIED INCLUDING DOMAIN -- * //* AS MANY AS NEEDED) ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESIS * //* Su( SUBJECT AS WILL APPEAR IN EMAIL INBOX ENCLOSED IN * //* PARENTHESIS * //* Da( FULLY QUALIFIED DATA SET NAME CONTAINING DATA TO BE SENT * //* ENCLOSED IN PARENTHESIS * //* batch AS IT APPEARS * //* * //* Don't forget the + (plus) sign to denote continuation. * //* Watch out for lower case letters in JCL * //*--------------------------------------------------------------------* //* //STEPA001 EXEC TSOBATCH //SYSTSIN DD DSN=TEST.PARMLIB(MAIL2ME),DISP=SHR //* //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSIN DD DUMMY //SYSOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSABOUT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=* // Parmlib member: PROFILE NOPREFIX SMTPNOTE + TO(SOMEBODY@CO.SANMATEO.CA.US + MYACCOUNT@YAHOO.COM) + Su(CSV FILE VIA EMAIL TEST) + Da(TCJS.S0.JUS750) + batch Regards, Jim
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  • nnavee
    Hello everyone!

    I also facing same issue which described above . Am receiving 
    Empty file as an attachment .

    Please help me out by copying 
    Jcl here
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