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Microsoft Exchange 2003
I have a situation that I don't think is easily solvable. I manage an Exchange server environment on domain A. I had a need to create a separate POP3/SMTP server for sending out mail campaigns as domain B. The idea here being that users in domain A could request a POP3 mailbox on this standalone IIS box, send mail through it's SMTP server and out to their recipients as user@domainB.com and retrieve the mail sent back to the POP3 mailbox. Well I figured out how to add the POP3 and SMTP information to an existing MAPI Profile so that I could manage to the messages in Outlook 2003, and I can connect to the POP server all day long and retrieve mail sent to user@domainB.com, but I hit a snag when I went to try and send a message AS user@domainB.com from Outlook. You see, this IIS server hosting these POP3 mailboxes is not a member server in any domain, least of all the same domain that hosts the Exchange environment. In fact, Active Directory isn't even installed on this IIS server. It's completely stand-alone. To make matters a little worse, the IIS server is in our corporate DMZ so there are firewalls between it and the Exchange servers/Domain Controllers in domainA. So the question is, how do I allow user@domainA to send email AS user@domainB in Outlook under these circumstances, and not create a separate MAPI profile? That's the kicker - it must be able to work within user@domainA's existing MAPI profile. $1 trillion to the person who can make this happen (yeah right!)

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That should be simple. As long as you have TCP 25 access to the SMTP server, you should be able to send using it.

If the problem is simply that you are not sending using it, then you need to use the Accounts drop down.

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  • UGSMailMan
    The Exchange environment is Exchange 2003/SP2 on top of Windows Server 2003 / SP1. All necessary ports are open on the firewalls between the two environments. The IIS server is Windows Server 2003/SP1 running IIS 6.0. It has a registerd domain name on the internet and is being used successfully by others to send and receive internet mail(using MAPI profiles other than that of their Exchange server profile that is).
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  • Kblock
    That didn't really give me much more information, can you try to more clearly describe what is going wrong? Did you review the link I posted? Is there a reason that will not work?
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