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Dear , How i can send one object from One Server to another server please tell me step by step and which command is use Regards, SNK

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If we send the object from one server to another server, we need to receive that in the destinated server, by using the command RCVNETF command, then only we will get the object…



You can do this using save files.

1. Create a Save File :-
CRTSAVF SAVF(Yourlib/Yoursavf)

2. Save your object(s) to the save file using the SAVOBJ command :-
SAVOBJ OBJ(yourobj) LIB(yourlib) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(Yourlib/Yoursavf)

3. Send the save file using SNADS or FTP the save file to your other system :-
SNDNETF FILE(Yourlib/Yoursavf) TOUSRID((YourUser Targetsystemname))
b. FTP
On the target system, create your save file (same as step 1 above)
On the source system :-
FTP Targetsystemname (or IP address)
Enter your userid and password to access the target system
Type bin, press enter (takes you to binary transfer mode)
Type cd Yourlib, press enter (changes your current library to Yourlib)
Type put Yoursavf, press enter (transfers your save file)
Type quit, press enter (ends your FTP session).

In the FTP description, you may need to replace Target system name with IP address, depending on how your machines are configured.

Hope this helps,


Martin Gilbert.


Anand is correct in saying you’ll need to receive the the network file on the target system. First you should create your save file on the target system (as in step 1 above), then you can use the RCVNETF command or the WRKNETF command to receive the network file into the save file. From the save file you can restore your objects :-

RSTOBJ OBJ(yourobj) SAVLIB(yourlib) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(Yourlib/Yoursavf)


Martin Gilbert.

Another option, depending on your configuration, is to use one of the Save/Restore Commands, ie; SAVRST, SAVRSTDLO, SAVRST, SAVRSTLIB, SAVRSTOBJ.

One step.
Bill Poulin

Bill is correct that the Save/Restore commands above are the easiest way to go but you have to either have a product called Opti Connect or the optional licensed feature set up call Object Connect which is 5722SS1 product option 22 installed. This works really slick. One command, one step. I use it alot.

Good luck


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