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hI,GUYS,Actually select and omit used in lagical file to control the records,values like.

But without key field how can i use these select and omit condition in logical file?

And one more doubt is what is the exact uses of %SCAN,%SUBST,

%SUBDT,%EOF,%CHECK,%COMMIT,%FOUND.Plese explain these

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%SCAN for checking a value in a field by using an Indicator at EQ , where it is existed or not .
It gives first place where it found .

%SUBST to extract a portion from a field .

%EOF to check , whether the file reached to the bottom or not .

%CHECK to check a value in a field . but it is exactly opposite to % SCAN , because it gives first not existed position .

%FOUND to findout the record is existed or not while used READ or CHAIN, ……

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  • Abdulonas400
    You can't use SELECT/OMIT LEVEL without Key Field .
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  • TomLiotta
    You can’t use SELECT/OMIT LEVEL without Key Field . Not true. From the DDS manual:
    • You can specify select/omit fields only if you also specify key fields or if you also specify the DYNSLT keyword for the file. You can also specify *NONE as a key field to satisfy the requirement for a key field when your application requires no key fields.
    As noted, there are two ways to use Select/Omit without key fields. There have been times when S/O specifications have been useful to me, but they have been rare and none have been recent. I would think hard before using them today. IMO, a simple VIEW is often a better choice. Tom
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  • graybeard52
    As far as use for the BIF's, just open the lpex editor, enter %scan (or whatever) and press F1. Up pops the RPG manual positioned at the right page, with explanation and examples.
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  • abhisheka1 , This lin will help you in understanding . Another site this site has description about basics of rpgle with example go through it will help you....
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  • ToddN2000
    Another option if you want certain records is to use embedded SQL to do the SELECT.
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