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I am going to start school in January for my BS degree in IT. I would like to specialize in Ethical Hacking or Computer Forensics. I am familiar with operating a computer and thats about it. What kind of jobs are available to Ethical Hackers? Who hires them? I have an investigative side to me and would love to catch criminals in the act of online bank fraud, child pornography, stalking and cyber bullying, hacking etc.

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Well, you might want to consider getting your CISSP first, work in the field for a bit, at the same time working on your CEH. You just don’t walk into an organization without some experience behind you.

One place that you might want to try is the NSA, they are looking for people, but, you need to have a clean back ground and if you have already done some hacking in the past, forget it, they will turn you away, fast. They have a mentorship program in the IA field that you might want to look into. Just go to their website and check it out.

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  • jinteik
    I have a friend with ethical hackers cert and he is working for vendor and he is doing network security and consulting
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    I'd love to get my CISSP and my CEH Certs but I have to have documented experience first right? At leaset 4 years for the CEH. I'm to the point that I'm going down tomorrow to the employment office to fill out an application to work in the county landfill just so i can go to school at night for 4 years. Thrilling work environment I'm sure. I'll look into the NSA and see what they've got to offer a Marine combat veteran. Thanks for all the help!
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  • Harisheldon1960
    Anyone can walk in with a piece of paper and be hired for the position, but, do they have the experience. There are a lot of things that occur that are not covered in any textbooks, that is why they want experience. I am a retired Marine and I had not certs but I had a lot of experience so I was hired, first as a contractor, then as a GS. Now, with the new standards, the DOD is requiring that a;; personnel have certs pertaining to their position, with a minimum of A+, Security+ and at least one in your position. So, for all those folks who have been working for the government with no certs, all of a sudden, they were scrambling to get them, if they wanted to keep their jobs. Give the NSA a try, the worst they can say is no, but, start off with getting at least your A+ so that you can demonstrate that you know the basics and then get Security+. Hopefully, while you are in college, you will be picked up in the mentorship program. Good luck in your efforts.
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