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I am currently searching for the best application or service to provide end to end security for delivering encrypted emails from one company to another accross the Internet. I need the solutions to provide Smime, PGP, TLS, SSL, etc. My goal is to some how have the app or user decide if the email needs to be encrypted, then apply a cert which can be maintained. The email then sent to the recpt. who then decryptes the message using either of these options. I hope that the gateway can negotiation which type to use with the other gateway/exchange server. If the negotiation fails then just send an email with a link back to an SSL web server so the email is still encrypted. This needs to work for all companys including people with hotmail, yahoo, etc. accounts. I am currently looking at: sigaba Tumbleweed Iron Mail Hushmail utimaco In this exact order Does anyone have experience with these products or trying to secure the company external email?

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We have been using IronMail for some time now and have been very happy with it. We are in the process of getting there secure delivery applicance installed so I have no experience with the solution you are looking for but can give a vote of confidence for CipherTrust as a vendor. There secure delivery solution involves sending the encryted message (encryted with a maintained cert) to a secure dedicated box and sending a link to the message to the receipent(s). The messge is then opened in a browser. The message itself never leaves your organization.

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  • Jclarkfl
    With IronMail can a user some how decide whether an email is to be secured or not? Using some type of button on outlook possibly.
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  • LarryMasseyAtSecude
    I find you question quite interesting... You say you want end to end security however you appear to be looking at products that only provide mail server to mail server security. You mention certs, I assume you mean x.509 certificates as would normally be used in a secure email product, so do you have a PKI established? Would the recipients of your secur email also have certs, if so, where would they be getting them from? FYI, I am a software vendor with solutions for secure email, however, at this point I want to better understand what you are truly needing and looking for. Regards, Larry
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  • Ramheka
    first do you have a mail server (servers) if yes what type (exchange, sendmail, firstcalss ...) and I would assume you have a CA (PKI) once you specify we can take your question to the next level.
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  • Joshua2
    Intellireach has a product that does this kind of thing. It's a gateway appliance that will do the encryption, or it will display the contents of the message from an SSL based web server.
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