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SEO seems like a very complex idea--what's involved in SEO? Does SEO only relate to Google or is it all search engines?

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I am an SEO consultant with 15 years experience. I have seen the evolution of search engines (lets face it when people talk about SEO and Search they are talking about Google). 

Today modern algorithms are getting better at understanding natural language queries. So instead of just words they can determine the intent of the searcher, more specifically understand concepts and entities.
This is good for the casual website owner who wants to rank a webpage.
I shall give you an Example. My site is targeted towards the concept of  “SEO Experts” take a look Now in order to rank for Expert I can use language such as “knowledge,know, knowing, understand, understanding,” to send topical relevancy signals to google. This is not just synonyms of the word expert, but broadening the pages footprint or relationship with the idea of expert.
This means that when someone asks the question “what is an SEO expert”  , I can reply with conversational tones to my writing,
“An SEO specialist is someone who has a deep knowledge of statistical relationships between concepts, entities and words.”
 as if I was a “person” replying not a computer algorithm. 

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  • Brijesh
    SEO (search engine optimization) is used to increase the visibility of your website on search engines. it's applicable for all search engines. You can try the below links.

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  • BODHost
    In simple words - SEO is about optimization of website to make it not only user friendly but also search engine as well. For this there are several tools available such as W3C validation, 508 validation, Gtmetrix, etc.. Also remember, responsive website structure (mobile friendly) is very important part today. 
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  • danieljones
    Search Engine Optimization is about increasing the visibility of your website in search engines and it does not only related to Google.
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  • JustinWilson07
    Search does not mainly relate to Google but Google plays a major role as majority of the online traffic comes from Big G. Although, there are many other search engines that cater to only to their area.
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