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I would like to write a script that a user could run that would change the system name or IP in Client Access? We are changing As400's and have over a 1,000 users that will need to change this setting manually! Does anyone know the file name in Client Access?

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I would suggest one of two things in this situation :-

1. When you change the AS400 – set the new machine to have the same address as the old one, so you won’t need to change any external connectivity settings.

2. Use an automated scripting tool to change the settings on the PC’s. There are a lot of these tools around – some of them are even free. I have used one of these tools for something similar in the past – I will check which one I used and post it back here.


Martin Gilbert.

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  • Cwc
    Are you referring to changing emulation sessions to point to a different system name? Look for a .WS suffixed file in the (Local Drive:)\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\Private directory. The name of the file would match the name of the workstation profile being used for the emulation session. The data in that file is plain text, and looks like an .INI format. The variable which contains the system name is HostName. If all the 1000 clients have the same setup, you could theoretically just change this file once, and then distribute it to all machines, replacing the original file. But you'll not have a way of knowing what other custom changes some users may have made, so your original approach of using a script to update the files with the new system name would probably be safer.
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  • mcl
    Realistically, the PC clients should not be connecting using an IP address. They should be using a name that is resolved through your network DNS server. When you change over systems, you just change the alias in the DNS. Assuming that is impractical - Martin's suggestion of setting up your new system with the same IP address is valid. You can initially set it up with a differant address for testing/debugging and then just swap IP addresses on both systems when you switch over. That takes care of clients or other hosts who use hard-coded IP addresses to connect with. Another thing to keep in mind - If you are using connections to other systems, such as remote database entries or have server authorization entries you may need to change those as well. Regards Mike
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  • slack400
    DNS works really well with D.R. Planning. You really only what to make a change in 1 or two DNS entries and not on each PC! I use PrimalScripts from Script Logic but you can use the Logon Script Generator if you want a free product. It's going to be a chore to script this but you want to find any *.WS file on the PC. Then search the WS file for the old IP address and replace it with the new address. Or you could just create a new starndard .WS file for your system. Then the script can copy this file to: C:\Program Files\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\Private\ Folder\ You'll also need to create a new shortcut file to place on the Desktop C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop You can try to zap the old stuff off their Desktops and quick launch bars but it might be easier just to notify users to delete the old icons and use the newly scripted ones.
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