Screen Size DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS4)

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I have to have a screen configured at DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS4) b/c I need more space to put stuff. The company does not want expanded colums (hitting F10 to show more info). So this reduces the size of the text. I can see on the screen there is a little more room to make things bigger. Is there away to get the screen bigger so we can see it better. My eyes are not getting any better with age. I don;t see anything in client access to make fonts bigger. The only thing I see is in page setup and I think thats only for when you print.  ANy ideas would be great.



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Only thing I can think of is change the Display setting for you PC.
Change DPI Settings to Large Size (125% of normal display)

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  • RonKoontz
    I can;t do that. Then everything is bigger. Its not small until I hit the dispaly file of DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS4). There has got to be away to program the font size when it displays on the screen. I'm still looking around on the web to see if I can find anything.
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  • RonKoontz
    I can however change the font size by clinet access when its not in max mode. but that also changes the font for everything in client access.
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  • philpl1jb
    client access edit preferences ... -- a couple of more obvious selections But there isn't much difference between the fonts...
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  • TomLiotta
    It's not particularly difficult to change the font, but you appear to want to do it (1) from your host system (2) while the emulator session is active. AFAIK, there are only three generally available ways to affect the font and two of them are manual. Font size can be affected by resizing the window. And font selection can be done by selecting Edit-> Preferences-> Appearance-> Font... Now, I suppose it's possible to invoke some PCComm .DLLs via rundll32.exe and cause those changes by program (perhaps through RUNRMTCMD), but I'd expect that a bunch of info would have to be gathered first -- what screen size and resolution exists for example. Other than that, the .WS file is a text file that holds the configured font attributes. That's much easier to change, but it wouldn't take effect until the emulator was restarted. I don't see font manipulation working out unless you get really lucky and just the right person runs across this question. I'd sure be interested in seeing a good answer though. Tom
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