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Many co-workers are having issues with Outlook crashing when opening a calendar event with one specific user in the attendee list. Ran the free and busy repair on everyones calendar including the server for this particular user. Nothing has worked. Help.

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Try re-installing in one of the PCs where it is giving problem instead of repairing it. But before re-install, un-install the current one. Server has nothing to do with this, it is problem with the CD that you are using for installation or otherwise the installation process.

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I recently had a very similar but not exactly the same issue. You have not said if you are using exchange and what version if so, so I do not know if what I did will help you or not or if it applies. We are on Exchange 2007 SP1 rollup2. We have both Outlook 2003 and 2007 in our environment.
What I got was an issue where if you looked at a specific user’s calendar either by the scheduling tab in a meeting request, or if you had permissions to view the calendar in calendar view, your Outlook would freeze up, but it was only for a specific time frame, on or before July 11th and it was only in Outlook 2003. So I did several things. First I looked at this person’s calendar in my Outlook 2007 and I could view it fine. I tried it in Outlook 2003 and my Outlook froze up. Next I logged into their profile and changed the calendar view to recurring appointments. I opened every recurring appt one by one and then clicked the recurrence button, changing nothing. Then I would click the OK button and on some of them I would get a prompt asking if I wanted to save the changes and no attendees would be notified. If I did not get the prompt, the meeting was not corrupted and I would not save the changes. What I learned from a Microsoft article is those meetings which gave me that prompt were corrupted and that by clicking Yes the corrupted parts would be discarded. So I found probably a dozen of those which were corrupted and this method resolved those problems. But the problem remained of Outlook freezing on the same dates. Next I chenged the view to “all appointments” did a “select all”, right-clicked them and chose “move” and moved them to an EMPTY (this is important!) PST calendar I created just for this purpose. Once they were all moved to the PST calendar, I reversed the process and moved them back to this user’s calendar. Moving them this way keeps the recurrences linked together, The problem was still not resolved. After this I again opened her calendar in my Outlook 2007 and miracle of miracles the freezing stopped in my Outlook 2003 and all affected users were then also able to view her calendar again on the affected dates without Outlook freezing. I don;t know if all these steps are required, they were just the different things I tried until I finally got the problem resolved.

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  • Technochic
    In order to answer your question it would be helpful if you would provide more details. Specifically what exchange version are you using? Also what Outlook version/versions are you using. Are there any differences in outlook version and/or exchange version for the affected user's mailbox and client?
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  • Jshane
    Outlook client version is 2003, the team of individuals are on the same Outlook client version. There is no difference at all. I'm using Outlook 2007 (IT Tech) , and I have no issue opening the meeting request scheduling tab. However the individuals that are using Outlook 2003 client are experiencing the client crashing when opening a meeting request with one particular user attached to the meeting. Outlook 2003 will crash only after clicking on the scheduling tab for the particular meeting, and only when the same individual is on the list of attendees.
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  • R vishaal
    well , you need to provide more info, what i can say for now , try to open outllook in safe mode run > outlook/safe and see what happens.
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  • ITChic
    I am having the same issue and in my case the user is using Microsoft Outlook 2003 and our Exchange 2010 is running . I have already tried creating a new profile and deleting the old profile, uninstalling and reinstalling Microsoft Office Professional, renaming the mso.dll file to old and letting outlook recreate the mso.dll, and it is still giving me an error and closing outlook when you click on scheduling.
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