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Dear Guys, I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I have a multiboot system with Win 2000 pro with SP4 on C drive and Windows XP Pro without any S.P.on drive D. Simply I'm unable to "convince" Dragon to work on my Win 2000 Parttiton. I install the program ;then select the Audio device on My PC (Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Basic) , the position of my headset Sennheiser PC 150 (they are connected to the microphone jack ) and when I'd like to start my training the text I'm supposed to read is greyed out so I'm unable to complete the training and consequently to utilize the program. On The Windows XP partition all functions very well without a problem. Furthermore I have a problem with the Speech Icon in Control Panel on my Windows 2000 box. When I poke around a little bit with these settings the system hangs up reporting a problem with rundll32.exe. Are these two problems related in some ways?. I'm bored to switch operating systems only to use a single program!!!! Please help me Yours sincerely Andrea Orsini

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Have you tried hiding the Win XP partition, then re-installing Dragon Naturally Speaking? I am not sure if the disk management utility in W2k can do this on its own, but if not a copy of (eg) partition magic will be fairly cheap and do the job on the fly.

It is possible that Dragon is looking for Windows, and confusing your XP partition with the 2k one. If I recall correctly, the default %systemroot% on a 2k box is WINNT, which may be throwing dragon on install if it can find a “Windows” on the same box! If it can’t find “Windows”, it will be obliged to co-operate with your W2k “WINNT” installation. It may be then, after training Dragon, that the program will work successfully without hiding the XP partition, once all the registry hooks have been established.

Hope this helps.

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  • Howard2nd
    Problem is NOT the install. It is the microphone/speech control applet in control panel. Ignore 'Dragon' for the moment. Only when you can consistently record from mic to .wav using 'Windows Sound Recorder' can you go back to 'Dragon'. Then you will find the text is no longer greyed out. 'Dragon' cannot find the mic in your current setup on 2000. Best thought - next weekend get a good backup, blow it all away, install XP Pro AND all the patches, a good anti-virus, a good anti-spyware, and move on. 2000 has nothing to keep you and XP does a lot better at things like 'Dragon'.
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  • Poppaman
    I concur w/Howard2nd... At one former position with a content creation company, we had migrated to Win2K, and only then found out that some of our electronic learning ("e-learning") systems would not work on W2K without a major re-write, and then the results were "twitchy" at best. A selective ugrade (of necessary machines) to WinXP SP1 solved the problem without program re-writes... Win2K does not have the multimedia capabilities of WinXP: this is by design. The multimedia O/S back in 2000 was SUPPOSED to be Windows Millenium Edition.... Remember - Windows 2000 is WinNT 5.0; Windows XP is WinNT 5.1 (check the versions at a command prompt...). With some exceptions for older programs, WinXP will do everything Win2K will do.....
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