SBS 2003 Remote Workplace slow keystrokes & mouse clicks from XP remote clients

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About 5 weeks ago, access to our network from a remote XP client (the only ones I support) became agonizinly slow to the point of being useless. Initial logon is slow to the Workplace, connection to either the Server or any client machine (all XP Pro SP2) is very slow if not impossible and if the connection succeeds, kboard entries and mouse click are slow to respond if at all. I have also tried a VPN connection (successful) followed by a Remote Desktop logon and this seems to succeed but frequently fails with a Connection failure (flashing square dialog box with an X signalling lost connection). I have upped the Internet connection speed with our ISP (Rogers) without success in resolving the problem. Internally, connections appear to be normal, including Remote Desktop connections from one client machine to another, including the server. Am I seeing the results of a Server issue, antivirus software issue (Trend Micro), or should I be investigating the router? Are there other areas of concern that I should be checking? I know more information is probably required to help with this but I need guidance on what additional information to post without inundating everyone with gobs of unimportant stuff. Many thanks in advance. SteveG

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You definitely need to find out what traffic is crossing the network. You can begin at the router and see what the link utilization is. Then take a look at the source/destination traffic. See if it is what you expect. Do you see lots of internet radio streaming media? Multiple machines doing this will kill a link really quick. You may need some tools like Wireshark or a VMWare appliance like ntop to identify traffic using the network. Take a look also at utilization on this SBS server. Maybe it is already at a level of high usage and adding multiple clients has brought the server to its knees where it just cannot handle any more load.

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