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Ok here is my scenario, any help will be greatly appreciated. I have a small business (30 users) running POP3 accounts being hosted by ISP and configured using Outlook 2007. I have a brand new SBS 2003 running exchange, and I would like to move all users to the DC and setup their mailboxes to retrieve the POP e-mail from the ISP and use the shared calendar and contacts. Here is my question, the server is already setup and the e-mail works when sent through OWA. The question I have is how to setup the Users Outlook and how that would work, since the company has satellite offices in Boston, DC, Nashville, and those users will not be added to the exchange box. So if I send an email to, won't Exchange look at the Exchange users first and then bounce the message? I tried with OWA and it bounced back when sending e-mail to user that is not setup (ie satellite office users) The other offices are small, 3, 4 users so the POP3 accounts from ISP works fine. I am just concerned with headquarters office. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks all for the help!

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Yes I have come across this before, it can be a bit of a problem, but there are ways around it.

Best idea is, set the SBS 2003 server to do “Outlook over http” using the CIECW wizard

Configure the satellite offices POP3 emails to be brought down to your SBS server

Set the satellite offices Outlook up to access the email using the Outlook over http (RPC) protocol, which works really well. That way everytime they get an internet connection on their laptops, they will have access to their emails as if it was POP3, but better, because it will be backed up on the SBS, usable over the OWA client for if they dont have their laptops/desktops (stolen, broken etc). They will of course also be able to use calendaring and out of office and all the other good stuff that comes with Exchange.

The other way to do it would be to still have the email downloaded to the SBS for all users, get the satellite offices to use a VPN dial in connection to your server, and get their email that way. Slightly more buttons to press for the user, but it also gives them access to your line of business application, and perhaps some simple file sharing (all be it a bit slow unless you also give them access to Remote Desktop, but thats a whole other discussion).

Oh and another tip, Exchange SBS POP3 connector is rubbish, either find a better one (the one that comes with GFI Mail Essentials is good, plus you get Anti Spam), or convert to SMTP email usin an MX record.

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