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AS/400 Spool Files
We are on V5R3 and are about to upgrade our disks prior to going to V5R4. Does anyone know how to save AND restore spoolfiles including tose with attribute *USERASCII? Thanks.

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One potential area of investigation — V5R3 Save and restore spooled files.

I have no info on how that would work for you. The QUSRTOOL option must be installed and the SAVRSTSPLF tool must be created.

By “upgrade our disks“, do you mean that you intend a complete replacement of your disks, followed by an install of V5R4, followed by a restore of objects from V5R3? Or are you going to upgrade your disks while V5R3 is installed by adding drives and possibly migrating data from some older drives to newer ones? …and then upgrade to V5R4?

Is this intended to accomodate 17GB load-source?


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  • Ke1thS
    We will replace 5 disks to 17GB - 5 RAID array (plus an extra drive so no free slots) and restore back to V5R3. Upgrade to V5R4 will be at a later date. Yes 17GB load source. AS400 model 270 make 2248 feature code 22A2. Small box. Thanks, Keith
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  • TomLiotta
    What schedule do you anticipate? As you know, the problem is that V5R3 doesn't provide a clean way to save/restore spooled files. However, operating system upgrades can be done while spooled files are retained. I can't help much due to system restrictions with your spooled files. You can try the QUSRTOOL or use the old technique of copying to database files and respooling from the files later. A couple times, I've gone a different route. I can't recommend it, but I can describe it for consideration. If you had the time to phase your new disks in, you could possibly get to a configuration of all 17GB drives while V5R3 remains installed. A slot that is empty today could accept a 17GB drive, and a lot of current data could be moved onto it. One existing drive could then be removed and replaced by a second 17GB drive which should be enough to get all user data off of the remaining old drives. All non-load-source drives could be removed/replaced while leaving one slot empty. The load-source would be migrated last and removed. Migration would be done to the 17GB drive you put into the spare empty slot. The final removal of the old load-source opens an empty slot again, and the final 17GB drive is installed. ASP balancing and starting a parity set would end the sequence. Pretty ugly, but possible. Tom
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  • Batman47
    Purchase Save Output Queue from Generic Software for $695. We been using it forever and it's simple to use.
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  • Rickmcd
    If you do not have BRMS you can install from V5R3 Media and use for 70 Days. BRMS allows you to save and restore spool file on V5R3
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