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SAP Goods Receipt
Hi, Does anyone know how to display the goods receipt screen for a past goods receipt, even after delivery has been made? Thanks :)

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That depends on which information you have available and which version of SAP you work with.

In this case I assume that you have the purchase order on which the goods receipt was made.
Start transaction ME23N.
Enter the purchase order number. On the item details section you will find a tab purchase order history (only if a goods receipt has been made). The material document is type WE. Type RE-L, f.i., is the invoice receipt.
If you click the material document number you will see the details of the goods receipt.

If you already know the material document number you can also use transaction MB03 or MIGO to display the material document. MIGO is only available from release 4.6 (I think).
In MB03 you fill in the material document and the document year.
In MIGO you need to select transactin A04 display and then you can enter the material document number.

Hope this helps.


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  • Pbp
    I need to transfer stock from one storage location to another storage location in the same plant. Can somebody help me?
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  • Bishek
    Stock transfer same plant... BS to QI 349 QI to US 321 US to QI 322 QI to BS 350 A) Non Vaulted (Value not Change) B) 1 material doc and 0 A/C document C) Done within plant and SL
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  • siddharth123


    We have done MIGO against outbound Delivery.

    Now the stock is in On order Stock in MMBE.

    The the outbound delivery PGIed  and after MIGO it should come in unrestricted stock.

    Can anyone please let me know how to take this On order stock to unrestricted one.

    Thanks and Regards,


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  • purchasemussoorie


    can any body tell, ho to delet Pending GRN in SAP ?

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  • BAZUNE31
    Use MB51 transaction, filtering on movement code 101.
    SAP will display all good receipts on the material chosen.
    You can also use a lot of filters in the selection screen to reduce the list of material documents displayed.
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  • phonesack
    Hi All,
    I have issued one invoice in "VA01" then i wrote down the incorrect invoice number, it is have a way to check back or any T-Code that relate this issue.

    Thank you very much.

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  • dhruvjaihind
    Option 1 :
    Try VF03 to see the existing invoice.

    Option 2:
    1. Go to VA03 , open the sales order you created.
    2. Go to Menu <Environment>.
    3. Choose <Display Document flow>.
    4. You will have the list of Documents you created related to the orginal sales order.
    5. There you will also find the Invoice created for the sales order  and its accounting document.

    I hope this helps.

    Let me know.

    Dhruv GUPTA
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