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I intend venturing into I.T with little or no tech I.T experience aside being a mobile phone user, and internet user. I will appreciate some expert advice on how and with what SAP or any other certification that can help me get a recession proof career in I.T

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A recession proof career in IT? There is no such thing.

When companies start laying people off there are two techniques that they use.

1. Keep the cheapest people.
2. Keep the most senior people.

When companies choose to keep the cheapest people (the people with the lowest salaries) they do so for obvious reasons. This is usually an OK idea for a very short period of time, but as soon as something unexpected happens they wish that they had the senior level people around again.

When companies choose to keep the most senior people they do so that they can keep fewer people on staff as the senior people can tend to do more work and cover more areas. This usually works better, but will burn out the senior level people as they don’t have junior level people to lean on for the more basic stuff.

As I said above there is no recession proof position the trick is to make your self valuable enough to the company to not be laid off, but not to invaluable that you can’t be promoted. Or better yet find a company which has a better chance of not laying people off. While most companies will feel the economy to some extent, public sector and larger companies with government contracts won’t feel the pinch as much.

The one thing which will make you more valuable to your company will be to get more experience. Certifications are great, but without experience they don’t mean anything.

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  • Jerry Lees
    Denny's right on here. I'll even go a bit farther to say maybe looking at a recession proof IT career isn't the right way to look at it, because clearly there isn't one. As a Senior level person I've been layed off myself after 9/11. It's unfortunately a fact of life in any career. The thing you really need to consider is where or what you would do if you did get layed off in addition to Denny's advice about making yourself valuable in your position. Certification is a good way to set yourself apart from the other folks you are interviewing against-- lets face it that's what an interview is, in fact. But like denny (and others) said, it's not going to get you an interview for a senior position. The best way to get started is to take an entry level job, saok EVERYTHING up and gain some experience in the process for either a promotion or your next position. Remember, every position you hold prepares you for your next one. For example, in my blog I write about VBScript for systems administrators. When I started doing VBSCRIPT it was a needed thing, I needed to have a way to get everything done quickly and automatically when they were redundant daily tasks. I thought I was just working on a way to get things done-- little did I know that every job I've held since my VBSCRIPT skills would be a topic of interest during the interview process. Be sure and check out my blog here on ITKE for more Network administration and VBSCRIPT tips. The VBScript Network and Systems Administrator's Cafe
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