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For two and a half years after I graduated from college with a degree in computer science in 2003, I could only get customer service jobs here in Minneapolis MN where I currently reside. As my luck would have it, earlier last year I did some training in SAP HR ABAP and Mercury tools QA. I actually wanted to learn J2EE but my friend suggested that SAP pays more and is more in demand because you just can't download it from the net and install it. I managed to land a 1 yr temp job at a large company here where I work as SAP MM - Master Data administrator; I maintain master data in SAP. I also heavily use business objects to query a legacy oracle database. There are a lot of new things I have learnt. Anyway, there are a lot of resources here and training materials on FICO and BW of which I've been granted permission to use. I have access to a FICO training database but not yet in BW. I currently just used highly graphical customized BW training material. My question to you is, I like the FICO config training, epically the product costing and profitability analysis, I'm also training to use the report painter. I work in a project environment where there are a ton of consultants so I see and hear a lot of things, I actually sit near the guy who is part of the product costing team, and actually, as part of my job, I run transactions that cost material items. I'm quite knowledgeable in this area. Anyway, to get back on track, should I consider myself lucky to have broken into SAP and is my MM experience and practical FICO training lucrative on the job market? And what of my BW training experience? I know the job market is good now for CS grads as opposed to 2003, and considering my almost 1 year of experience now I have a better chance of landing an entry level CS related job. In no more than a month from now, I will have practical sys experience in SAP FICO and BW, should I try and stay in SAP? Am I marketable? And if you were me how would you take you career to the next level where the PAY is big time. (some of the consultants I work with make 60-120 dollars an hour) Please forgive my long letter What career advice can you give me? Thank's in advance for your response forum members.

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Your question is a big one. I’m not a SAP expert (just paid for a 2-month ABAP course that due to a career change never put into use) but can share a bit of career experience (do have 20 years in IT, in several roles).

Your career will depend not only on what you can plan, but also the opportunities that may arise. And it seems that a good opportunity arose for you in SAP.You’re quite a young professional, so Money will come with your skills and experience growth. So you should always concentrate in growing as a professional (as well as a person) becoming mature and experienced, and to look for (and take chances of) career developement opportunities. Having said that, I feel that your career in SAP may be a good one, but you not only has to concentrate on technical skills (easily outsourceable ones indeed) but also to better understand your client’s business needs.

Maybe someone with more SAP experience can give better advice, this that I told you I hope will be of some good use to you.

Wish you the best in your IT Career, and always “keep walking”.

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