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If Authorization object S_tcode has a particular transaction code then does that mean the user can only start this particular transaction or can he execute it to the fullest. e.g.If s_tcode has va01 then can he create and do everything possible with this transaction code ,or does it depend on any other objects. If a particular transaction code depends on other objects, how is it possible to check if he has full authorization for that transaction code. I mean do i have to compare the users available objects with their values with the required objects and their values that we get from the tables USOBX and USOBt. Is there any other method to find to check if a user can fully EXECUTE(not only start) the transaction

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The s_tcode object controls whether or not you can *start* the transaction. What you can do within any given transaction is typically controlled by by other authorisation objects.

To take your example, having VA01 in an s_tcode authorisation means you can start VA01. There are separate authorisation objects that control which sales areas and document types you can use, and many others. It is perfectly possible to have access to VA01 via an s_tcode authorisation but be unable to actually post anything.

To see what other objects are relevant for a given transaction, use SU24.

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  • Alonsod
    You have to check the Authorizations Object ! If you create a new role, add the TCode VA01, then check the Authorizations Object (STCode in an Authorization Object which contains all the TCode of the specific role)automatically add by the system. If you give all the Authorizations in these Authorizations Objects, it will run correctly. Send me private message if you want more informations. Best regards.
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  • Dharmeshd
    You have to assign the Start Code under S_TCODE, but you have to maintain the internal authorisation objects also. You can find other authorisation object authorisation required for a transaction with the help of SU22 or SU24 transaction.
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