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We have a SAP R/3 application that is running on Microsoft's SQL Server DBMS. According to all DBA experience that I have had, there are standard practices to maintain performance of an OLTP database. Things like managing fragmentation and index re-organizing. Our SAP support is telling us that type of maintenance is not necessary with a SAP database and if there are performance issues then the server is the problem. I would like to hear from anyone that has DBA experience with a SAP database. Thanx c

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As per my experience, indexing can cause issues with the SAP database performance, Hence, indexing reorganization may be required in SAP. We did it in previous implementation.
We faced with indexing problem with one of the big SAP table. The indexing created by us was causing conflicts with the indexing provided by SAP. The search on the table was very Slooooow. As only selective transactions ( related to material documents) were effected, it was obviously not server issue.
We reorganized the index and everything was OK after that.
I suggest, you may check the traces on few key heavy duty tables in SAP. This may help you to find if there was some conflict with the indexing on that field.

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  • Peahle
    What SAP is telling you is true, there are no database administration problems to exspect. I have 10 years experience with SAP on MSSQL Server. There is a note in SAP and on Microsoft website about the performance settings of MSSQL parameters when running SAP. On the other hand if you experience performance problems there is a class at SAP Advanced performance analysis. That is OS and database independent and you will learn about performance tracing and buffering and indexing of tables what causing the performance problems and so on. But compared to Oracle database administration you can lean back and put your feet on the table after implementing the above parameter settings. Peter
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  • mpm966
    We are running SAP 4.6C on SQLServer 2000. From our experience a regular index rebuild is necessary. We are doing a weekly index rebuild based on the fragmentation. Anything below 90% we are rebuilding by checking DBCC. We had severe performance problem just after GO-LIVE. The response time was averaging around 5 secs. After we started rebuilding now the response time is averaging around .5 to 1 second. For us the pricing tables are the most frequent candidates for rebuilding.
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