SAP All-In-One

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SAP All-in-One
I would like to start a conversation on SAP`s All-In-One solution. As I searched hundreds of sites on the net I found all the PR information available, but not much about real life experience. I believe SAP All-In-One is a great solution for companies able to implement industry standard software, but I also believe that a lot of companies choose SAPs All-In-One because they assume that they do not have to change it, as they receive a solution for industry standard problems. I would assume that when most of the companies begin the implementation process, it is very likely that they will have to do some “tailoring” of the All-In-One solution, and this way they will end up with a significantly higher total cost of ownership (TCO) and longer implementation process than the original All-In-One package offered (for example compared to the numbers we get when using the SAP project pricing configurator tool on So let’s say the industry we are dealing with is the aerospace industry (durable goods industry experience is welcome as well), company size: approximately 100-150 users and 500-600 employees. The questions I am very interested in to discuss are: 1: As a ruff estimate, in a Tier One project (SAP, Oracle, etc.), for every dollar of software, you can expect 3USD to 5USD for professional services (implementation). As Tier One implementation projects can be between 12 - 24 months the internal costs can be substantial. I assume All-In-One should be significantly lower… What would it be a good estimate for SAP All-In One costs in such an environment (without "tinkering with the core functionality")? If I spend 1 USD for software than the implementation should be between 2 USD and 3 USD? And regarding the implementation time frame? Can there be such an estimate? 2: What happens if not all of the "All-In-One" functionalities would fit our needs, and we would have to change certain components of the "All-In-One". Would this heavily affect the cost of implementation and raise the TCO? I believe so, but does anyone have some real life experience? 3: It would be also very interesting to know, how common is it, that when a company integrates SAPs All-In-One solution, it has to implement third party solutions as well (from the “SAP ecosystem”)? 4: My understanding is that SAPs All-In-One solution requires an in-house database administrator. Do all of you who have SAPs All-In-One solution have a DA? That is certainly a significant plus to the TCO… Isn’t it? I am looking forward to start the conversation! Bregs, Adam

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