Hello, I have posted this question on variuos Forums and have yet to recieve any kind of usefull response. I am running a Linux Box (Kanotix/Debian) within a Win network composed of the following: 3 x Win 2000 2 x WinNT4 1 x Linux My problem is the following: I have set up samba so i can see and share thougout the network, on all machines. I can print on all the win2000 printers with Kprint I need to print on the printer hooked up to the NT4 machine in may shared office. But this seems to be impossible as neither samba or therefore Kprint "sees" the printer (Samsung ML-4500). I have to boot into win2000 to print to be able to print (very tiresome). As far as i know the nt4 machine is correctly configuered but i am not an nt expert. Can someone give me some usefull information on how to solve this problem? I would be very gratefull for any input. Greetings Fintan29

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At the risk of going out on a limb (I use Samba, but I’m not an expert) let me suggest a few things.

From the command line (Shell prompt) on the Linux machine, do a “nmblookup -A IPADDRESS” where the IPADDRESS is that of the NT machine. (nmblookup is the equivalent of the nbtstat on a windows machine)

Then do the same thing for the W2K systems for which printing does work, and see if you can identify any differences in the NetBIOS names presented. This might offer a clue.

Also, have you checked the /etc/printcap and the .config file in the /var/spool/printdir where printdir refers to the sharename of the printer specified in the printcap file?

Sorry I can’t offer more. Good luck,


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  • Sonotsky
    It's been a while since I had to dig into a good Samba problem, but here goes... There is, or at least used to be, known issues when using Samba in a mixed Win2k/NT4 environment. It's something to do with the way passwords are passed between the Linux box and NT4 boxen (one used encrypted passwords, one uses cleartext IIRC). Check out the Samba HOWTO collection; I distinctly remember solving a smiliar problem by referring to the HOWTOs. Good luck!
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  • PC0der
    Taking a shot here... used to be assistant admin in an office where we had an integrated NT4/Linux network however it was a few years ago. if I remember correctly back then it wasnt possible. The nt machines might have been able to spool to the linux printers but not vice versa. Maybe things have changed, i dont know. If anyone knows otherwise then let me know too. thanks & gl, pC0der
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  • DataKnight
    Have you tried using the CUPS system within Linux? Works for me using Fedora Core 3 printing to an HP LaserJet 3320 (Postscript) Ken
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